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Zacuto Web Series

Zacuto produces original content for entertaining and educating individuals in the video, film and photography industries. These videos include interviews with leaders of the film and photography industries on topics such as event videography, filmmaking, cinematography, directing, sound, lighting, documentary, DIY filmmaking and more. Zacuto’s original content has garnered multiple Emmy nominations and awards in the Midwest Chapter.

Cole Soul 

brad cole soul poster zacuto films
Cole Soul reflects on a life of taking the road less traveled. As he has for decades with his music, musician Brad Cole address the ups and downs of the human condition with both wit and raw insight. This documentary explores Brad’s experiences, hopes, dreams, pain, and sorrow to discover how they shaped his music over the years 







As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a filmmaker.” If this is your mantra, then you’ve got to see the Emmy Nominated webisodic series: FilmFellas. Produced by Zacuto Films.

Wins: Outstanding Achievement for Interview/Discussion Programming Film Fellas: Commitment to the Craft 
Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Scott Lynch 
Nominations: Outstanding Achievement for Informational Programs, Conversation/Interview Film Fellas: Masters of Non-Fiction Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn

The Great Camera Shootout

 Zacuto Films presents, The Great Camera Shootout 2010: a three part web series where gunslinging HD DSLRs face-off against the legendary 35mm Film. This series showcases the top performing hybrid HD-DSLR cameras of 2010.
Wins: Outstanding Achievement for Informational Programs, Conversation/Interview The Great Camera Shootout 2010: It's All About Latitude Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn


The Great Camera Shootout 2011


 The Great Camera Shootout is back  with a brand new breed of cameras and a fresh set of challenges. Our three part documentary follows Robert Primes, ASC CSC and his large scale, technical Single Chip Camera Evaluation (SCCE).

Outstanding Achievement for Informational/Instructional Programming
 The Great Camera Shootout 2011: The Tipping Point Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Scott Lynch 
Outstanding Crafts – Editing The Great Camera Shootout 2011: The Tipping Point Karen Abad


The Revenge of The Great Camera Shootout 2012

 We’ve got a lot to prove in Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012. Let’s make one thing clear—this is not the shootout you’re expecting. The test, administered by Bruce Logan, ASC CSC, shows two ways of looking at cameras–empirical and subjective. This three part Shootout is about two things; what a camera is capable of, and what a skilled, experienced DP can do with the same camera. 

Win: Outstanding Achievement for Interview/Discussion Programming Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012: Starting With Darkness Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Scott Lynch, Daniel Skubal



 In critics, film/video veterans, Steve Weiss, Director of FilmFellas & Critics, and Philip Bloom, a London based Cinematographer and Filmmaker, come together as dueling co-hosts to candidly critique web based video content. critics offers an eclectic mix of personalities, perspectives and laughter.







 Zacuto Films presents bts, an Emmy nominated web series that goes behind-the-scenes to document the making of a documentary film. In this Documentary About Making Documentaries, the Zacuto Films production team travels to Rwanda to follow Director T.C. Johnstone, Producer Greg Kwedar and their entire film crew during the last 18-days...more

Nominations: Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Programs - Topical BTS: Hit the Ground Running Jens Bogehegn Outstanding Achievement for Documentary Programming – Topical BTS: Chasing the Light Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Scott Lynch, Daniel Skubal, Greg Kwedar


 Light & Shadow

Zacuto presents an Emmy winning film from director Steve Weiss. Shot simultaneously with Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012 and a year and a half in the making, Light & Shadow gives us all a peek into the minds of legendary cinematographers. If you’re searching for textbook answers, you won’t find them here.

Wins: Outstanding Achievement for Informational/Instructional Programming Light & Shadow Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Scott Lynch Outstanding Crafts Achievement Off-Air: Directing Light & Shadow Steve Weiss


Zacuto Product Videos

Zacuto creates production grade, filmmaking camera accessories. Our gear is made entirely in the USA, designed by filmmakers for filmmakers. It comes with an unparalleled lifetime warranty and our world renowned customer service. We have a singular philosophy on camera rig design—balance! Our Next Generation Recoil® rig is compatible with every camera, from a tiny mirrorless to the largest cinema camera. The one rig for all your cameras. Many know us from our signature product, the Z-Finder. More recently, the spotlight is on our Electronic Viewfinders, EVFs.