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Critics – A Webisodic Series

critics - a webisodic series with Steve Weiss & Philip Bloom

In critics, film/video veterans, Steve Weiss, Director of FilmFellas & Critics, and Philip Bloom, a London based Cinematographer and Filmmaker, come together as dueling co-hosts to candidly critique web based video content. critics offers an eclectic mix of personalities, perspectives and laughter.

Season 1: 


The season that started it all! Over seven episodes, Steve and Philip critique an eclectic mix of videos. They debate content and format, the ethics of violence and horror in film, the very concept of critique, and the merits of different filmmaking styles. Videos include artistic shorts, Matthew Brown’s video GAY=SIN, slow motion, BMX bikes, feet worshiping, homeless portraits, a world music video, a skateboarding video with amazing slow motion effects, a post Obama election celebration on the streets of NYC, insane wing-suit base jumping, a ‘Trash the Dress’ bridal shoot, a magical love story in stop motion, and many more.



Season 2


Kicking off Season 2, Episode 1 (of five) has co-hosts Steve and Philip critiquing 3 compelling videos on religion, love and war. Nothing is off limits and differing opinions spark controversy and a passionate debate. This seasons videos include a bizarre music video with interesting styling, a hypnotic stop motion and live projection video, a dreamy narration of modern romance, an animated music video, an 80’s vibe trailer, a creative concept film, a special effects video test, a GQ fashion narrative, a trailer with stunning cinematography, and an extended critique on 16:Moments (one of the most viewed films on the Internet) by Will Hoffman, capturing life’s everyday moments.


Season 3: 

Critics is back with a softer side from the R-rated co-hosts. The final seasons video selections include a Clockwork Orange diatribe, a stunning WWII trailer with an extended critique on special effects, a quirky love story, a controversial bullfighting doc, a non-story way not to do 3D, a hairy commercial spot, a quiet story of human connection, a quirky trailer, an Old Hollywood romantic short, a street riot protest, an eye-popping, pushing the boundaries intimate film, a compelling drama of love and loss with a twist, cell phone stop-motion animation, and a wedding film that will leave us all wanting more! Meanwhile, the guys debate who has the hairiest back and suffer through wardrobe malfunctions, farting, and saying goodbye.