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Preorder our new Smart Z-Finder!
Preorder our new Smart Z-Finder!

Smart Z-Finder - a viewfinder for your smartphone!

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Shipping in March 2023

The Smart Z-Finder is the industry standard viewfinder for  iPhones, Xperias, Samsung Galaxys and more (complete list). If you’re a prosumer or professional content creator, this is an essential tool for your camera bag. 

The Smart Z-Finder magnifies the phone’s display image and blocks any extraneous light from hitting the screen, whether it be indoors or out. It gives you that immersive shooting experience that filmmakers have demanded in viewfinders for years, for critical focus, composition, and the ability to see the entire frame up close. 

The mounting capabilities of the Smart Z-Finder are greater than any other rig we’ve ever created. We’ve accomplished this by removing aluminum and simultaneously making it lighter. It has:

8 Cold Shoes
3 NATO Rails
3 NATO Bi-Directional Rails (mounts in either direction)
11 1/4" 20 Mounting Screws
1 3/8" 16 Mounting Screw
3 Arca Mounts

Transform your phone into a production grade camera with room to mount all your accessories! 

Key Features: 

  • Block light, glare and reflections
    Magnify display image
  • Quick access to touchscreen
  • Easy to hold
  • Vertical or Horizontal Shooting
  • Patented anti-fog technology
  • Disguise your phone while giving you a proper viewfinder
  • Compatible with most phones, screen sizes 6.1” to 6.7” 
  • Drop in diopters for those who need reading glasses 
  • See image reflection free, as your audience will
  • Arca-Swiss, cold shoe, and tripod compatible

You can start small with just the Smart Z-Finder, or check out our rigs:
The Director
The Cinematographer

Recommended Accessories:
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Directors Grip
Arca Swiss Tripod Mount
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