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Please allow 4-7 days for orders to ship. If urgent, please call or email us!
Please allow 4-7 days for orders to ship.

What we do

innovate. inspire. create

Zacuto’s USA-made, production-grade, filmmaking camera accessories and rigs are designed by filmmakers for filmmakers. We create products designed to make your life easier and your long shooting days more comfortable and streamlined. Our line of Next Generation Recoil rigs are all about perfect balance for all day shooting. With a Zacuto Recoil rig you can take your hands away and the rig will stay balanced on your shoulder. Don’t try this with a competitor rig.... or do, and we will discount your new Zacuto rig! 

Many know us from our signature product, the Z-Finder. More recently, the spotlight is on our Micro-OLED EVFs. Our focus on high-end electronic equipment and universal balanced rigs is the future of Zacuto and the industry. Our iconic red and black gear has a loyal fan base around the globe. From Hollywood cinematographers to indie filmmakers to event shooters, there is only one choice—Zacuto, the industry standard.

Zacuto head product designers and five time Emmy winners, Steve Weiss, Producer/Director and Jens Bogehegn, Cinematographer, are known around the world for their Zacuto original programs including, "The Great Camera Shootout", "FilmFellas", "Light & Shadow", and "Critics".

We know, your equipment is key to making the dream of the directors vision come to life. Zacuto’s designs free filmmakers to focus on innovation, inspiration, and creativity.