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Preorder our new Smart Z-Finder!
Preorder our new Smart Z-Finder!
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The ACT Recoil Rig

The Zacuto ACT Recoil Rigs & accessories include everything you need to create a balanced and configurable mirrorless or DSLR rig.

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Customer Reviews

Excellent & strong companion!

Zacuto’s Zamerican Arm is really so much better than everything else on the market! The nato rails - including the mini rail - deliver greatest performance and flexibility under all circumstances. The large center screw simplifies handling extremely well. Even heavier monitors stay at the desired position - The famous Zacuto build quality promises centuries of service.

Michael S

Best view from behind any lens.

I have been using the Z Finder Pro 2.5 in the field for over 3 years. It was the replacement for another manufacturer's product. I wish I had made the switch earlier. I get tack-sharp images time and time again shooting moving and still wildlife.

Chris P

Love it, worth every penny.

The ACT Baseplate pairs nicely with the Gh6 cage and I don't know - this is subjective, but I like the red and the black. The red color pops and makes it feel quite premium - which this brand essentially is. This is my first shoulder rig and I'm still trying to figure out the best rigging for my needs. Otherwise excellent product and definitely worth every penny.


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