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Save up to 70% Summer Sale

FilmFellas - A Webisodic Series

where talking film is the family business

"As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a filmmaker.” If this is your mantra, then you’ve got to see the Emmy winning webisodic series FilmFellas. Produced by Zacuto Films, FilmFellas gives you a behind the scenes peek featuring influential and emerging new filmmakers who are making, creating and challenging the independent film scene and reinventing how we view entertainment.

Film School and Beyond features Philip Bloom (DoP, The Insider, If I Were Prime Minister) Peter Hawley (Director, Flashpoint Academy), Steven Dadouche (Director of Photography) and host Steve Weiss.In the first webisode , the fellas discuss the web of opportunities, using the internet as a delivery medium for entertainment and film school. 

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Cast 2: Mumblecore and More

Mumblecore and More features a new genre of filmmakers who are challenging the traditional Hollywood movie scene. Joe Swanberg (Kissing on the Mouth, Hannah Takes the Stairs), Susan Buice (Four Eyed Monsters) and Kris Williams (Young American Bodies) come together with host Steve Weiss to discuss the Mumblecore film movement.In Cast 2, this creative and innovative new generation of filmmakers discuss the demands of breaking the barriers of the mainstream “Hollywood” independent film industry, staying true to your art. 

 Watch the series now. 


Cast 3: Social Networking - The Wild West

Features a diverse group of independent and web-based filmmakers: Anish Saviani (Wendy & Lucy, Alexander The Last), Edward SeatonMike Michaud and host Steve Weiss. In this season, the Fellas boldly challenge the gold standard of "Hollywood" filmmaking and the traditional channels of a theatrical distribution. The round table discussions lead to a passionate debate on the acceptance of on-line video as a true medium, self-distribution and how a new genre of webisodic programming will emerge. 

 Watch the series now. 



Cast 4: The Artistic Wedding

The Artistic Wedding features three talented event filmmakers: Joe Simon,  John Goolsby, and Kristen*, with host Steve Weiss.The filmmakers discuss the definition of wedding filmmaking and the artistic expression of producing avant-garde wedding films. Along with the pressures of one-take, 12-hour shoots, they discuss the true realities of capturing the moments of that perfect day. 

 Watch the series now. 




Cast 5: The Epic Wedding

The Epic Wedding features three more event filmmakers. Patrick Moreau,Kevin Shahinian, Ron Dawson, with host Steve Weiss. The filmmakers discuss the role of the wedding cinematographer and the craft of creating a new genre of wedding films which showcase courtship re-enactments, epic style filmmaking and the dramatic effect of same-day/on location edits. 

 Watch the series now. 





Cast 6: The DP Edition

The DP Edition features an eclectic mix of cinematographers from all areas of the independent film scene: Robert Primes, ASC BSC (Thirty Something), Trent Opaloch (District 9), Philip Bloom (If I were Prime Minister) and first time host Jens Bogehegn. The dynamics of such an award winning cast of major players brings forth lively round table discussions from a unique set of perspectives and diverse points-of-view.

 Watch the series now. 




Cast 7: Documentaries "Master of Non-Fiction"

Documentaries “Masters of Non-Fiction” features an award winning cast of filmmakers including 10 time Emmy winner David Grubin (The American Experience, The Jewish Americans, LBJ, RFK, FDR), Ondi Timoner (2009 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for We Live In Public & DIG), and web based documentarian Sean Dunne (Sundance Official Selection for The Archive), with host Steve Weiss.Cast 7 kicks off a new series of FilmFellas with a game of telephone to demonstrate the complexities of documenting history.

 Watch the series now. 


Cast 8: ASC Cinematographers

ASC Cinematographers stars Stephen Goldblatt, ASC BSC (Julie & Julia, Closer), Rodney Charters, ASC CSC (Television Series: 24), Nancy Schreiber, ASC (The Nines) and returning host Jens Bogenhegn. This award winning cast shares their trials and tribulations of being a Director of Photography in New Hollywood. Our award winning ASC cast kicks off the series discussing how DSLRs are creating a new wave of indie film and democratizing the filmmaking process.

 Watch the series now.


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