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The Great Camera Shootout 2011

The Great Camera Shootout is back for 2011 with a brand new breed of cameras and a fresh set of challenges. Our three part documentary follows Robert Primes, ASC CSC and his large scale, technical Single Chip Camera Evaluation (SCCE).In this series, you’ll see side by side comparisons of the Arri Alexa, Sony F-35, Sony F3, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, Canon 1D Mark IV, Nikon D7000, Weisscam HS-2, Phantom Flex, Panasonic AG-AF100, RED ONE M-X and 35mm Kodak 5213 and 5219 film. Robert Primes brought in consultants, specialists and technicians from various areas of the motion picture industry to design a series of 12 tests and “On-Set-Challenges” to push these cameras to the limit. Each camera faced in-depth analysis in regard to sharpness, low light sensitivity, exposure, latitude, highlight detail, shadow detail, color quality, flesh tone reproduction, compression losses and shutter artifacts.
The Great Camera Shootout of 2011 is not a contest to decide who makes the “best” camera. Rather, it is a collection of tests aimed to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses each. Our documentary follows the testing process from design through final screenings. See the data, hear the responses from professionals, and see the images as processed through the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES).

Great Camera Shootout 2011
Outstanding Achievement for Informational/Instructional Programming- The Great Camera Shootout 2011: The Tipping Point Producers Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Scott Lynch
Outstanding Crafts - Editing The Great Camera Shootout 2011: The Tipping Point Karen Abad
CREDITS: SCCE Crew Administrator, Robert Primes, ASC CSC Station Chiefs, Michael Bravin, Stephen Lighthill ASC, Nancy Schreiber ASC, Matt Siegel and Mike Curtis
Line Producer, Josh Siegel Shootout 2011 Crew Producers, Daniel Skubal, Scott Lynch, Jens Bogehegn and Eric Kessler Editor, Karen Abad Graphic Designer, Chris Voelz Director, Steve Weiss Commentary Russell Boyd, ASC ACS, Don McAlpine, ASC ACS, Calvin Gardiner, ACS, Nic Knowland, ASC, Gale Tattersall, ASC, Mykelti T. Williamson, Actor, Ken Glassing, Philip Bloom, Terry Hopkins, Dan Chung, James Mathers (Digital Cinema Society), David Wexler and more.