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Save up to 70% Summer Sale
how to make money as a filmmaker

How to Make Money as a Filmmaker - Parts 1 & 2

Parts 1 & 2 are available to watch below. Watch episodes 3 & 4 here. Watch part 5 here.

When it comes to traditional 'passion' careers, like filmmaking, no one ever wants to talk about money. But how does a full-time filmmaker make a living? The Zacuto Duo, Steve and Jens, sit down with Executive Producer Phil Wnuk and cinematographer Kevin Otterness for a frank conversation about money, filmmaking, experience and having a 5-year plan. "The single least talked about thing in our industry is making money. I think that's like, the dirty secret. We all talk about equipment, it's all they talk about...oh, look at how good my picture looks and look at how good my films looks! That really doesn't matter. When you make a's really all about marketability." - Steve Weiss, Director/Producer

Watch Part 1 - The Dirty Secret

Watch Part 2 - Would You Rather?

Who are those guys anyway?!

steve weiss headshot

Steve Weiss is an Emmy winning Director and Producer with over 700 commercial, corporate, documentary, web-series, and fashion projects to his name. Steve and Jens founded Zacuto and have been at the helm of every product innovation. Steve has been an avid supporter of web TV for many years, with shows like Filmfellas and Critics. See his full bio here. His new company, Binge Watch Films, aims to support the indie film community in funding episodic original content for streaming services and licensing.


Jens-Bogehegn headshot

Jens Bogehegn has been shooting, photographing, producing, renting & inventing in the film & photographic business since 1978. Bogehegn and Weiss have worked together as Director and Cinematographer since 1986. Jens is a founder of Zacuto and is an active Head Product Designer. He continues to act as Director of Photography on Zacuto Films projects and has won multiple Emmy (midwest chapter), Telly, and Webby awards. See his full bio here.




phil wnuk headshot

Phil Wnuk is an Executive Producer, Writer, and Director with Roark, Pirsig, & Dobie since 1997. He has produced television campaigns and movie projects with Tom Clancy's Red Storm Entertainment, television campaigns for some of the most successful video games with Konami, a business documentary for a $3 billion dollar construction firm, and a global video series for Astellas Pharmaceutical. His recent work also includes developing and producing a library of video content for a global manufacturer and an innovative point of purchase company


kevin otterness headshot

Kevin Otterness is a Chicago-based cinematographer, editor and director who works on feature films, music videos, behind-the-scenes documentaries and commercials. A 26-year veteran in the film and television industry, Kevin is most known as a director of photography for his truly cinematic look with richness of color and quality composition. His collaborative work style, visionary skill, and overall professionalism enable him to give his clients a product that is uniquely theirs. Some of the brands he has collaborated with include The Second City, CBS, American Music Awards, Jeep, Motorola, MTV, Footlocker, American Family Insurance, Miller Lite, DJI, CBRE and the Berkshire Group.

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