How to Make Money as a Filmmaker – Parts 3 & 4

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Episode 3 starts with a major punch to the gut!

“There is no way in hell you are ever gonna make a movie and get it in a major run movie theatre.” – Steve Weiss

Ouch! Enter Netflix? Maybe, maybe not. What should realistic expectations be for new filmmakers? You may enter filmmaking with the dream of making a living with feature films, but how sustainable is that model when the 1st of the month comes around and you have to make rent? It’s time to embrace new viewing habits and a new way of thinking.

Watch Part 3 – No Way in Hell

Watch Part 4 – The Hardest Part of the Game

Episode 4 talks about collaboration – with other filmmakers AND with entrepreneurs, marketers and vital partners in the business sector who can help “creatives” find work. The most valuable person at your production company may be in your marketing department.

Who are these guys anyway?

See their full bios with Episodes 1 and 2 of this series.

Producer/Director, Steve Weiss – Zacuto founder with 30+ years of directing experience in fashion, commercials, and web education and entertainment videos. Founder of Binge Watch Films.

Director of Photography, Jens Bogehegn – Zacuto founder and current head product designer. Has been Steve’s DP since the 80’s working on a wide variety of projects (and winning an Emmy or two.)

Executive Producer, Phil Wnuk – Executive Producer, Writer, and Director with Roark, Pirsig, & Dobie. Advocate for corporate filmmaking with numerous successful projects under his belt and more in the works.

Director of Photography, Kevin Otterness – Owner/filmmaker at Posthouse Pictures. Specializes in services for feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos and production of original content.

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