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Save up to 70% Summer Sale

FilmFellas Cast 3

Social Networking—The Wild West

Social Networking - The Wild West features a diverse group of independent and web-based filmmakers: Anish Saviani (Wendy & Lucy, Alexander The Last), Edward Seaton (, Mike Michaud ( and host Steve Weiss. In this season, the Fellas boldly challenge the gold standard of "Hollywood" filmmaking and the traditional channels of a theatrical distribution. The round table discussions lead to a passionate debate on the acceptance of on-line video as a true medium, self-distribution and how a new genre of webisodic programming will eventually compete with network television.
The season wraps up with finding creative ways to grow an audience with personal-branding & community building, the emergence of online video networks (Hulu), monetizing video content and how engaging with fans directly is essential for the success of web based films.


Steve Weiss Steve Weiss began his creative journey at an early age. His dad taught him photography and they shot Super 8 movies together. With the advent of the home VCR, Steve was among the first to begin shooting and editing wedding videos...more Anish Savjani Anish Savjani formed filmscience, an Austin, Texas-based independent film production company, in November 2005. In that time, he has produced eight feature films...more Edward Seaton Edward Seaton began in the film business shooting local sports for WGN in 1998. In 2000 he began cutting commercials with with EightBall films and a year later he was directing local and national spots for Advertising Agecies in Chicago, New York, San Fransisco and L.A....more Mike Michaud I am one of founders and CEO of Channel Awesome Inc, and have two previous started but stopped companies under my belt. I'm a 27 year old Columbia College dropout, who worked in commission retail for way to many years. In a little over a year we have moved from a niche online video site...more


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