Mike Michaud

Founder and CEO of Channel Awesome

I am one of founders and CEO of Channel Awesome Inc, and have two previous started but stopped companies under my belt. I'm a 27 year old Columbia College dropout, who worked in commission retail for way to many years. In a little over a year we have moved from a niche online video site into something that has become a fairly large and growing site. As of now we only have one site under our belt (, one which caters to a heavy teen to young adult age group. Through this site we have over 25 producers, producers who produce video content in the areas of movies, television, comics, video games, and music. As this year continues to unfold we plan to create individual sites each catered to a specific demographic. Our future shows will not only begin to be of higher quality but also cover areas like: travel, independent music, reality, game shows, paranormal and much more.

You can find out more about Mike at