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Save up to 70% Summer Sale

ACT Recoil DSLR Shoulder Rigs

Easily configurable for tripod, run and gun, cage, handheld, and shoulder-mounted video shooting

The new line of Zacuto ACT Recoil Rigs and accessories includes everything you need to create a balanced and configurable mirrorless or DSLR shoulder rig. Yes, they really are compatible with every mirrorless and DSLR camera on the market, from the tiny Sigma fp to the Lumix S5 to a tall camera like the Canon 1DX MK III. You can even use a more unconventional shaped camera like the Z CAM E2 series, RED KOMODO camera as well as any future cameras. Centered around a universal, Arca-Swiss compatible camera baseplate, our ACT Recoil DSLR shoulder rigs are ready-to shoot right out of the box. And, best of all, they include a free LCD electronic viewfinder!

What is an ACT Recoil DSLR Shoulder Rig?

Video shooters know us for our professional line of VCT-style Recoil shoulder rigs. Now, mirrorless and DSLR camera users can get the same quality gear but designed for their cameras. For us, ACT “Recoil” stands for two things - balance and configurable. Balance! An ideal camera rig, no matter the camera, is all about balance. If your rig is not balanced, either in your hands or on your shoulder, there’s no way you can shoot all day. When shoulder shooting, if you’re supporting the camera with your hands and not guiding it as you should be, your shots won’t be as smooth. ACT Recoil Rigs position your camera directly over your shoulder with the ability to slide it forward or back to find that perfect balance point. Then, our handgrip and EVF move further forward so you’ll be comfortable and stable all day for focusing and shooting. ways to use the zacuto mirrorless and dslr shoulder rigs Configurable! This means you can use it in many ways to accommodate all different kinds of shooting styles. With our quick-release system, it’s easy to transition from shoulder-mounted to handheld or run’n’gun video shooting. Use our ACT Mounting Plate to transition to any tripod, dolly, slider, or gimbel. Plus, we make it easy to add your accessories with rails, ¼ 20, ⅜ 16 and Arri screw holes, and our famous quick-release levers.
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What’s in an ACT Recoil?

Our ACT Recoil line of mirrorless and DSLR shoulder rigs includes a universal cage shoulder rig, a cageless option, and an LED HDMI electronic viewfinder, the ACT EVF Pro. In addition, we offer ready-to-shoot options with Zacuto camera-specific cages for the Sony A7RIV, Panasonic S1H, Z CAM E2 Series, Blackmagic Pocket 4k/6k, Fuji X-T3, Nikon Z6/Z7. Most ACT Recoil rigs are built using these six components. You can mix and match and add other accessories to customize and build your perfect rig. all the parts that make up the zacuto act dslr shoulder rigs The ACT EVF Pro is a 3.5" LED-backlit HDMI electronic viewfinder. It has a flip-up eyepiece with our famous anti-fog optics and soft form-fitting eyecup. Key features include HDMI loop-through, self-powered with an LP-E6 battery, peaking focus assist, U/D and L/R zooming, and zoom-all mode. All ACT Recoil Rigs (except the Basic model) include the FREE ACT EVF Pro so you’re ready-to-shoot right out of the box!

How to Use Your ACT Recoil Rig

Cages and Arca-Swiss All our cages and the ACT Baseplate are Arca-Swiss compatible for seamless transitions. Move your entire rig back and forth quickly. Or, move just the cage back and forth between your ACT shoulder rig and a tripod/monopod etc and all your important accessories come with you. When you’re shooting documentaries, weddings and so much more, mere seconds can make the difference in catching the perfect moment. That’s why we use quick-release latches on all our equipment.quick release mouts on the zacuto act recoil rigs

EVF or Monitor? You don’t have to choose! The ACT EVF Pro has a flip-up viewfinder so you can use the 3.5” screen as a monitor. This can be really helpful for tripod, run’n’gun, and handheld style shooting with just a cage. Flip the viewfinder back down for critical focus, to block out the sun and add extra stability for shoulder-mounted work. Quickly tilt the EVF with our fluid-filled rosette joint, just grab and rotate to any angle.

new zacuto act evf pro

No Cage? Don’t want to use a cage with your camera or have a different style cage? No problem! Skip the cage and go for our ACT Cageless Recoil Rig. This rig includes the ACT Baseplate, Right Trigger Grip, ACT EVF Pro and the Axis Curve - a rod-mounting EVF Mount that attaches directly to the ACT Baseplate.

zacuto dslr shoulder rigs axis curve accessory

Low-Mode Shooting Our versatile Tactical Handle and flip-up EVF make low-mode shooting a breeze. Eject the cage from the ACT Baseplate for lightweight low-mode shooting. Keep it on for even faster transitions - you’ll be balanced either way! Shoot with your eye in the EVF or flip it up to view in monitor mode. Flip the Tactical Handle to side handgrip configuration when you want to use the camera’s built-in viewfinder. low model filmmaking with a dslr from zacuto

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