Next Gen Recoil Pro Rigs

balanced and comfortable pro camera shoulder rigs

Next Gen Recoil Pro Camera Rigs are our most innovative and balanced camera shoulder rigs. Launched in Summer of 2018, this line of shoulder rigs Recoil Pro V2 and Dual Grip rigs incorporate our newest accessories, like the flip-up Trigger Grip handgrips. They offer out-of-the-box, shoulder-mounted rig solutions for the most popular professional cameras.

Camera shoulder rigs are available for every camera, including the Canon C500 Mark II, Canon C300 MK II, Canon C100 MK II, Canon C200, Panasonic EVA1, Sony FS7 MK I and II, Sony FX9, Sony FS5 and FS5 II. These rigs incorporate universal accessories, like the 5-star reviewed VCT Pro Baseplate, with camera specific accessories like top plates and camera grip relocators. If your camera is not in the list above, our sales team would be happy to work with you to build a custom rig for your camera. The Recoil Pro concept is compatible with all cameras from a tiny DSLM or DSLR camera to a camera the size of an ALEXA or RED and everything in between.

Single and Double Flip-Up Trigger Grips

zacuto single and double flip up trigger gripsFlip them down or raise them up. Our line of single and double Trigger Grips use an innovative double trigger design for quick adjustments on the fly. They making packing and unpacking a breeze. They make your rig comfier for all day shooting!

Use as rock-solid, low handgrips or set them higher in an Aaton style position. When you’re done for the day, or just want to put your rig flat on a surface, flip up the grip so it sits neatly next to your camera. Plus, they include an anti-fatigue feature so you can make small adjustments on the fly. They will make your workflow on shoots like documentaries, weddings, music videos, feature films, and more much easier and smoother.

Available for Sony FS7 and Sony FS7 II, Sony FX9, Sony FS5 MKI and MK II, Canon C100 MK I and MKII, Canon C300 MK I and MKII, Canon C500 MK II Panasonic EVA1, a rosette style compatible with camera and grips like Canon C200, Ursa Mini, Panasonic Varicam and the Canon 18-80 lens, and standard full and shorty grips perfect for RED cameras, DSLR rigs, and more.

Custom Next Gen Recoil Pro Rigs

These rigs include our VCT Pro baseplate with sliding top plate and recessed rod mount for optimal balance. Custom accessories include single and dual Trigger Grip handgrips that relocate camera grips, and top plates that fit the size and shape of your camera.

Rigs named “Z-Finder” include an LCD viewfinder and can be used right away with no other accessories. For all other rigs, you can choose to add one of our award-winning Gratical EVFs to complete your rig. Bundle your rig with either a Gratical HD, Gratical Eye, Kameleon EVF and you’ll save up to $350!

zacuto shoulder mounted rigs for canon c300 mark iizacuto shoulder mounted rig for the canon c200zacuto shoulder mounted rig for the canon c500zacuto shoulder mounted rig for the panasonic eva1zacuto shoulder mounted rig for the sony fs5zacuto shoulder mounted rig for the sony fs7zacuto shoulder mounted rig for the sony fx9zacuto shoulder mounted rig for red cameras

Build Your Own Next Gen Recoil Pro

All Next Generation Recoil rigs are made up of five core elements. Once you have the core set-up that best fits your camera, you can add unique elements like our Z-Drive follow focus or Zwiss Plate to create a rig that fits your shooting style.

Zacuto camera shoulder rig recoil pro

Thank you for your interest in our balanced Next Gen Recoil Pro Shoulder Rigs. For more information, specific camera needs, or to build a rig customized to your needs, please contact our sales and customer service team at or 312 863 3456. Live Chat is available through our online store during business hours.