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Save up to 70% Summer Sale
Save up to 70% Summer Sale

Zacuto's Control Grips

Zoom, Iris, EVF & Camera Control at Your Fingertips

Unfortunately this product never got out of the development phase. This product will not be made. 

The Zacuto Control Grips relocates camera, lens and EVF control to a comfortable, convenient handgrip, all controlled by a slim, powerful backpack. Designed to streamline shoulder mounted rigs. The Backpack and Control Grip can combine with Z-Motors and our E-Drive follow focus to create your ideal universal camera and lens control system. The Control Grips are the final piece of the Next Gen Recoil puzzle. We create our balanced Recoil rigs by moving the balance point directly over your shoulder. This enables you to carry the weight with your whole body and is much more comfortable and stable for all day shooting. With the camera on your shoulder, we then relocate focus, monitoring and camera controls forward, creating a lighter and shorter rig. The Recoil concept and Control Grips are the ideal professional combination for shoulder-mounted operators. You now have complete control over all camera, lens, and EVF functions from the convenience of your handgrips. Currently compatible with Canon C Series, Sony FS5, FS100, FS7, FS7 II, FS700, RED, Arri, Canon DSLRs. Some cameras have limitations on menu access so controls may be limited.

Learn About the Package

Backpack and Control Grip With this dynamic duo, easily and comfortably control your camera & servo zoom lenses while working shoulder mounted. The powerful Backpack is the command center for the Control Grip, a walnut Aaton style handgrip, that controls your camera, Gratical EVF, servo zoom lenses and more. The slim Backpack mounts behind your camera keeping the center of gravity low and over your shoulder to maintain balance.

The Control Grip System can also control the internal motors of servo zoom lenses like the Fujinon Cabrio lenses and theCanon 18-80mm and 17-120mm

Z-Motor Turn any zoom lens, like the Fujinon MK 18-55mm, into a servo zoom lens by adding a Z-Motor and motor cable to your Control Grips. Gain complete iris control through the camera control LANC cable using EF lenses or use a second Z-Motor for cinema lenses.

Daisychain up to three Z-Motors to control zoom via traditional rocker switch, iris, and focus (with our electronic E-Drive.) Now you can control every function of your camera and lens from your handgrips.

E-Drive Follow Focus Modeled after our popular mechanical Z-Drive and Tornado grip, this electronic version is designed with single-operator, shoulder-mounted rigs in mind. Via the Backpack, your E-Drive controls a Z-Motor to smoothly and precisely pull focus. The E-Drive can automatically or manually calibrate.
  1. Aaton style handgrip for comfort & ease to rest your hand
  2. Iris control
  3. Secure hand strap for relaxed button control
  4. Stop/Start button
  5. Gratical control
  1. Camera control
  2. Programmable function button
  3. Retractable button to control speed of zoom
  4. 4-pin Hirose to connect Backpack
Control Grip Features

Backpack Features

  1. 10 pin Hirose serial connection for servo lens control
  2. 12 pin Hirose serial connection for camera control
  3. SDI in
  4. SDI out
  5. LANC connection for camera control
  6. Antenna - Connection with Z-Motor(s) & firmware updates via wifi
  7. Power with V-Mount, 3-Stud/Gold Mount, or P-Tap
  1. Mount on V-mount equipped camera with pass through power
  2. USB Power
  3. USB - To control Gratical or for Power
  4. Mount behind your camera on 15mm lightweight rods
  5. 4-pin Hirose to connect E-Drive to Backpack
  6. 2-pin Lemo for power out or motor power
A lot of current cameras come with their own removable camera grip. So why would you use this instead? The Control Grip System is universal, expandable, and firmware upgradable. Add up to three Z-Motors and an E-Drive to fully control any lens. For servo zoom lenses, use the lenses motors with our custom cables.

Camera Compatibility

  1. Standard 15mm rod port
  1. .8 pitch gear
  1. High torque to drive all cine lenses
  2. Interchangeable gears for either side of motor
  1. Compact design

E-Drive Features

  1. Arri Rosette and mounts to Zgrip Trigger
  2. Focus wheel settable for a range of lenses
  1. 4 buttons to set the range of motor, set stops & direction
  2. Tornado shaped “horn” grip for comfort
E-Drive Features

Your Control Grips System

Control Grip

Includes the Control Grip, Backpack, Lanc control cable, and Hirose 4 pin Cable. Pricing to be announced late May 2017. Shipping late 2017.

E-Drive & Z-Motor

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