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¡Ahorra hasta un 30 % en nuestros productos más vendidos!
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MICRO pluma

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$165.00 - $165.00
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¡Muy pronto! ¡Consigue ese sonido Boom sin el Boom Guy!

El MICRO Boom es un poste de audio liviano para cámara diseñado para usar en teléfonos móviles, DSLR, cámaras sin espejo, ENG y cámaras de cine. El Micro Boom le permite capturar audio con sonido profesional sin necesidad de un técnico de sonido adicional. ¡Es perfecto para entrevistas, noticias, eventos y más!

Este poste con brazo de audio es liviano y ampliable para colocar un micrófono con brazo justo donde lo necesita. Se conecta a su cámara mediante un riel NATO o una zapata fría. Conecte cualquier micrófono con una zapata fría hasta el final. No se preocupe por los cables desordenados, los cables están contenidos dentro del poste del brazo.

Características clave:

Cámara montada
Liberación rápida
Longitud y ángulo ajustables (14-35")
Ultraligero de 5 onzas.
cable interno
Extensión de montaje giratoria
Fibra de carbono telescópica.
Múltiples opciones de montaje para conectar a su cámara: zapata fría, riel NATO
Zapata para conectar micrófonos
Se mueve y viaja con la cámara.

Get that Boom Sound without the Boom Operator!

World’s First On Camera Boom Pole

World’s First On Camera Boom Pole

The patented MicroBOOM is the world's first on-camera, internally cabled, audio boom pole designed for instantaneous interviewing. Super lightweight at 6.5 oz e and is compatible for all cameras including mobile phones, mirrorless, camcorders, ENG or Cinema Cameras. 

Quality sound is all about proximity, and the MicroBOOM allows you to get that boom sound without a boom operator. It gets the microphone in the right position instantly, all by yourself, and faster than using any other microphone solutions.

Micro Boom for all jobs

Perfect for All Kinds of Jobs

The MicroBOOM ensures that your audio is as impressive as your visuals, whether you're shooting an interview or in selfie style, for social media, festivals, trade shows, weddings, sports, corporate videos, reporting the latest news, or capturing memorable events. 

Easy As 1-2-3 Setup

Easy As 1-2-3 Setup

  1. Attach any lightweight (less than 60 grams) 3.5mm microphone to the MicroBOOM via coldshoe.
  2. Attach the MicroBOOM to your camera via NATO rail or add the optional CUBE at checkout to convert a coldshoe to NATO.
  3. Extend and set the angle of the boom pole.
  4. Tilt the mic to the correct position. Start capturing audio!
Zacuto Micro Boom audio boom pole

What makes the MicroBOOM so exceptional?

  • Incomparable boom sound ‘instantly,’ all by yourself, and faster than using any other microphone solutions. 
  • Spontaneous, unrehearsed interviews - no time to think while mic’ing them up. 
  • No static or loss signal like with a wireless lav unit. 
  • Great quality sound in loud environments.

Hear the Difference using the MicroBOOM

Customer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Any microphone under 60 grams with an ⅛ connection

Preferred weight is 40 grams, the max weight for comfortable operational handheld use is 60 grams.

It attaches with NATO rail. If you don't have NATO rail, we have a CUBE Coldshoe to NATO Rail adapter.

Small, lightweight, internally cabled

This has a 2 year warranty.

Chicago, IL

No, this can not be used on a gimbal

No, this does not work with XLR mics

Inspiration to Innovation: The Birth of the MicroBOOM


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