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Zacuto Introduces Smartphone Filmmaking Accessories on Kickstarter

Zacuto Introduces Smartphone Filmmaking Accessories on Kickstarter

Zacuto is launching a collection of new smartphone filmmaking inventions on Kickstarter following their new strategic direction. Introducing first, our Smart Z-Finder, a viewfinder for iPhones and phones of similar sizes! 

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SmartPhones in 2024 will supersede the DSLR and DSLM market in picture quality and in overall features, similar to what we witnessed in 2010 with the launch of the Canon 5D. Zacuto has seen this movement coming, and we’ve been working for the last year to prepare ourselves for this new revolution and new emerging market. 


The Smartphone Viewfinder for Professionals, Prosumers and Enthusiasts

The Smart Z-Finder magnifies the camera’s screen and blocks any extraneous light from hitting the screen. It gives you that immersive shooting experience that filmmakers have demanded for years for critical focus and framing. You need to control any ambient light that may be hitting the screen. If you’re shooting outdoors in bright sunlight, a Z-Finder is essential and that’s why we’ve received so many requests for one for smartphones. Turn your phone into a proper cinema camera that your clients and followers will respect.

Smart Z-Finder for Smartphone Filmmaking

It's All About Perception!

We understand the challenges of showing up to a shoot with your phone as your camera, but sometimes your phone is the right camera for the job… especially with its computational photography. Your smartphone is now a camera first, and a phone second… but it’s still, all about perception. With the Smart Z-Finder and accessories, clients will see your phone as a professional camera rig, and not just a phone, and that’s how you charge clients to use your phone for video creation. 

Smart Z-Finder Features:

  • Block light, glare, and other reflections
  • Magnifies display image
  • Shoot vertical or horizontal
  • Adjustable diopter focuses to your eye
  • Quick access to smartphone touchscreen
  • Cold shoe, Arca-Swiss and 1/4"-20 mounting points
  • Improves stability
  • Patented anti-fog technology
  • Mount a wide variety of accessories
  • Compatible iPhone and similar sized smartphones 

Start small with a Smart Z-Finder, or build a full rig. Using the included Z-Finder bridge, its height adjustable clamp works with various smartphones with or without cases. It also allows you to mount accessories, or connect to a tripod or handgrip quickly (Arca, cold shoe or ¼ 20 compatible), so you can move between tripod and handheld shooting in seconds.  


The Smart Z-Finder is for professional filmmakers, prosumers and enthusiasts; including but not limited to: YouTubers, Event shooters, Journalists, Vloggers, Corporate, Educational and Influencers. We are very excited about these new products to support smartphone content creation. While your smartphone is not the right camera for all jobs, it’s the right camera for many, but like all digital cameras it needs the right accessories.  Want to charge clients to create videos using your smartphone? Then get the tools to make it a proper filmmaking camera.  

Zacuto Smart Z-Finder with accessories for smartphone filmmaking

Reserve during our Kickstarter's pre-launch to secure your spot and receive a special discount of 40% off the Smart Z-Finder. As a loyal Zacuto customer and fan, reserve your VIP offer NOW and get a $50 off Zacuto coupon and free t-shirt with your Smart Z-Finder shipment! Sign up for the VIP offer now to lock in that super early discount!

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Davide - December 21, 2022

Amazing!! There would be a way to use it while the iPhone is connected to new Acssoon SeeMo iPhone to HDMI adapter? That would be great!

Mandy - October 31, 2022

You can purchase now on Kickstarter

We use Moment cases. It will fit on iPhone 14 Pro MAX and 13 Pro Max.

There is an opening underneath for touchscreen.

SHEKHAR - October 31, 2022

When does Zacuto for smartphone come to the market?

kevin linnehan - October 31, 2022

I hope it fits the iphone 13 pro max and the 14 pro max?

Bryon Cole - October 31, 2022

What phone case is shown for the iPhone 14 max on the Smart Z-finder photos?
Bryon Cole

Gary Britton - October 31, 2022

We LOVE this! Just what we have been waiting for! BUT… we wonder, with the viewfinder in place, HOW do we have access to the phone’s touchscreen?

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