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Save up to 70% Summer Sale
Save up to 70% Summer Sale
Loyalty Perks of Zacuto’s VIP Program

Loyalty Perks of Zacuto’s VIP Program

Cameras and camera accessories have constantly been evolving in recent times. With advances in sensor technologies, digital cameras offer better quality images, high ISO settings, and effective low-light and high-speed situations. Digital photography and videography have also enabled us to instantly assess the image quality and also made photo editing easy. To get better out of cameras in filmmaking, there has been a surge in the production of various accessories that make it all the more convenient to shoot.

Various brands and companies are making their way up in this field, but it can be challenging to find a reliable company that offers top-notch quality products. Zacuto is a US-based established filmmaking gear manufacturer led by filmmakers who design and produce premium-quality filmmaking camera accessories and rigs.

About Zacuto

Zacuto was founded in Chicago 20 years ago. We specialize in the production and sales of camera accessories. We have become the industry standard for people around the globe, be it event shooters, cinematographers, or filmmakers. We design high-end equipment and universal balanced rigs to make sure that your long shooting days are more comfortable.

Here are a few of our signature products: 

Next Generation Recoil Rigs – One of our bestsellers, Recoil rigs, is a shoulder rig that’s all about the perfect balance and comfort, even when you take your hands off the camera. You just need to mount the rig in such a way that the balance point (where the camera body meets the lens) is directly over your shoulder. The recoil rig will adjust as per the balance point and relocate focus, monitoring, and camera controls forward, creating a shorter, lighter, and perfectly balanced rig.

Z-Finders – A viewfinder that is compatible with several camera models, filters out extra light, and is a focusing aid.

EVF – We also specialize in Electronic Viewfinders (EVF) that are perfect for different camera varieties and every shooting style. We are the world leader in electronic viewfinder technology and we have an EVF for every shooter.  We have our Gratical Eye SDI EVF, and Kameleon Pro SDI and HDMI EVF and then our budget EVF- the ACT EVF.

Apart from these, Zacuto also specializes in camera cages, handgrips, software, cables, rods, batteries, etc.

We have abided by our motto "Innovate. Inspire. Create" for years and thrive to offer the best to our customers. To provide something more behind every order, we present our membership program!

What is the Zacuto Membership Program?

Anyone can quickly join our free program that enables them to earn points and then redeem them for discounts, free items, and much more! Here is how you can earn these points.

If you're a new customer, you need to create an account with simple details like your first name, last name, email ID, and password. You will get a confirmation mail instantly. Signing up will help you in faster checkouts, and you earn straight up 200 points.

Keep your account logged in and start shopping from our wide range of products. You get 5 points on every $1 you spend.

We love our customers and are in constant touch with them through our social media pages. Liking our page on Facebook will get you 25 points, and following us on Instagram will get you an additional 25 points.

Now, you may think - how do you redeem all these points that get credited to you. Here's how you can.

  • 10% off your entire order
  • 15% off your entire order
  • Free Axis Mini
  • Free ACT Baseplate

And so much more!

To top it all, we already offer free shipping on orders above $500 in the USA.

Joining our VIP program will take only a few minutes of your time but will offer so many unlimited benefits! Sign up here! If you've already signed up, you can sign in with your registered email address and go ahead.

Why Zacuto?

Our accessories are compatible with almost all camera brands like Canon, Panasonic, Sony, RED, and others.

Our wide range of products offer the best, including ACT Recoils, Next Gen VCT Recoils, camera cages, EVFs, cables, batteries, handgrips, follow focus and lens supports, camera baseplates rods, Z finders, and much more.

With our easy shopping experience, you can select the best from the comfort of your home. Gain more points and save on all your future purchases!

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