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MicroBOOM shipping soon!
MicroBOOM shipping soon!
First Look for NAB 2023- Zacuto Dives into the Audio Market, Releases Rotatable Rigs & Announces Technology Partnership with Accsoon

First Look for NAB 2023- Zacuto Dives into the Audio Market, Releases Rotatable Rigs & Announces Technology Partnership with Accsoon

The Zacuto team is excited to announce that we will be debuting several products at NAB in Las Vegas April 16-19th. We are excited to expand outside our typical markets and change the way you create. Come visit us at the Las Vegas convention center, booth C7249 to learn more and see these products up close!

9:16 or 16:9, The Zacuto Rotator has you covered! 

With the growing popularity of short form video content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube shorts, filming video in the 9:16 aspect ratio has become essential to many filmmakers. As a response to this shift, we are happy to announce the release of the Zacuto Rotator, an L shaped bracket that mounts to any and all cameras, from DSLM to cinema! 

Vertical Video Rig

With the flip of a lever, slide your camera off of our VCT Pro Baseplate, rotate, and slide back. The Rotator is adjustable in both width and height to accommodate all cameras. It is also designed to be compatible with accessories such as a camera cage, matte box, Z-Drive follow focus, and EVF’s, all in the Zacuto ecosystem. The included built-in cold shoe and NATO rail attachment allow for additional mounting options. The Zacuto Rotator is perfect for those needing to create content for various social platforms. It only takes seconds to flip and you are ready to go!

The Zacuto Rotator will be released in June 2023. Be sure to sign up for future announcements and exclusive offers here.

Smart Z-Finder Rig for shooting video with your phone

If you create video content with your mobile phone, check out our Smart Z-Finder Rigs. These rigs give you a viewfinder for your phone to block out all light and to help achieve critical focus, framing and handling. It’s that immersive feeling. See what your audience will see while stabilizing your shot. 

Video Rig for journalists

The Smart Z-Finder, Director and Cinematographer rigs are available to order and are now shipping! 

Diving into the Audio Market

Zacuto is also diving into the audio market with our patented Micro Boom, the world’s first lightweight, on-camera audio boom pole. Get that boom sound without the boom operator! Weighing only 6ounces, the Micro Boom is designed for use on DSLR, mirrorless, ENG cameras, Cinema Cameras, and smartphones with our Smart Z-Finder rig system.

Some of the key features of this boom pole include internal cabling, the ability to extend from 14 to 35 inches, and multiple mounting options via cold shoe, NATO Rail, or ENG mounting plate. This game changing audio solution is perfect for a single operator conducting interviews or gathering content social media, news, events and more! 

The on-board audio Micro Mixer is the first dual channel microphone mixer designed specifically for mobile phone video, but also works with cameras as well. It is super tiny, weighing in at 1.1 oz with dimensions of 2.2” x 1.9” x .5” .

viewfinder for your phone

The dual channel design allows you to input two microphones, so you can easily create stereo mic setups, dual person mic’ing, isolate individual voices, and/or create unique custom mixes for live-streaming. It is ideal for video production, interviews, or podcasting with mix-minus capabilities. The Micro Mixer’s streamlined design allows for quick adjustments, with no menus, via switches and dials, so you can set levels, pan, and monitor sound within seconds. It can be powered by your phone or externally powered. It comes with an iPhone, Android, and an ⅛” cable for use with cameras.

The Micro Boom will launch in late Q2 and the Micro Mixer will be coming early Q3. Sign up here for Micro Boom and Micro Mixer news. 

Technology Partnership with Accsoon

We have partnered with Accsoon to develop an EVF solution. The system uses an iPhone with an Accsoon SeeMo combined with a custom Zacuto Z-finder and dedicated phone mounting solution.

The Z-Finder design leaves a portion of the iPhone screen exposed to be used as a touch-interface control area. Accsoon are developing a matching custom user interface specifically designed for the Zacuto Z-Finder with a viewing area optimized to work with it. Image magnification, waveforms and peaking will be accessible without the user having to remove their eye from the viewfinder. Sticking with our 9:16 theme, this EVF solution is designed to work in both horizontal and vertical shooting.

A prototype of the new EVF will be unveiled by both companies at the NAB show in Accsoon’s booth C7440 or our booth. Stop by to see it! 

Make sure to visit Zacuto at NAB booth C7249 to check out these exciting new innovations in person, receive exclusive deals, and learn more. Members of the press, sign up for a 15 minute live demonstration with a Zacuto team member via this link.
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