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Filming made easy with your phone and a smartphone viewfinder in the city

Filming made easy with your phone and a smartphone viewfinder in the city

Guest Post written by Larry Lewis

I’ve always enjoyed exploring the city since as far back as I can remember. It seems as if every time I adventure around town, I find something new around every corner that I want to document for my professional projects. While professional camera setups have advantage; the flexibility, portability  and convenience of using your phone with a smartphone viewfinder is the ultimate option for documenting your adventures around the city. 

1. Flexibility: Capture the Essence of City Life

City environments are jam-packed with life, and your phone allows you to capture the essence of city life with flexibility. First off, it is always with you, take advantage of the camera in your pocket. The compact size of your phone enables you to navigate through crowds, narrow sidewalks, and busy intersections effortlessly. Use a professional-grade smartphone viewfinder, like the Smart Z-Finder which enables you to frame your shots precisely and blocks out all the glare. Capture the vibrant colors, intricate architecture, and dynamic street scenes with ease.

Smartphone viewfinder

2. Portability: Capture Unplanned Moments on the Go

One of the advantages of using your phone is the convenience and portability it offers. Unlike professional camera setups that require additional equipment and setup time, your phone is always within reach. Whether it's a street sign, a vibrant sunset over the skyline, or a serendipitous encounter, your phone empowers you to document the magic of city life without the limitations of carrying professional camera setups around the city. 

3. Convenience: Elevate Your Footage to New Heights

Phones have made significant strides in camera technology, offering impressive images, advanced video recording capabilities, and built-in editing tools. The Smart Z-Finder allows you to assess focus and composition quickly, ensuring that every frame is captured with precision. The result is visually stunning footage that elevates your footage to new heights. From stunning architectural details to vibrant street art, your phone and your Smart Z-Finder with optional stability rig enables you to deliver visually compelling content with convenience. Get the shot, edit, and post all in a matter of minutes! 

Smart Z-Finder

When it comes to filming around your city, your phone paired with a phone viewfinder is the perfect combination of flexibility, convenience, and portability. Embrace the power of your phone and the Smart Z-Finder, and let your creative vision come to life as you explore and document the captivating world around you. Good Luck in your filmmaking journey; we are currently living in the “Golden-Age of Filmmaking.”

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