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iphone screen with no viewfinder

3 Reasons Why You Need a Viewfinder for Your Phone

If you love taking videos with your phone, you need a viewfinder for your phone.

Here are three reasons why:

1. Clarity

If you've ever tried to take a video with your phone in bright light, you may have realized how difficult it can be to see the screen. The brightness makes it tough to see what's on the screen and where to focus.  With better clarity, you can adjust the camera settings, such as focus and exposure, to get the perfect shot.

2. Composition

One of the biggest issues people face when shooting videos with their phone is poor composition. Using a viewfinder helps you get your shot just right. You can take the time to position your phone correctly, determine the right angle, and make sure everything is in frame. This can be especially helpful if you're trying to capture fast-moving subjects like kids or pets.

3. Stability 

It's also harder to hold your phone steady, it doesn't have a handgrip or natural place to hold the phone like a traditional video camera.  A viewfinder with the hand strap or add on additional points of contact like a handgrip or chest stabilizer.  gives you a nice place to hold your phone for video. This will allow you to take better videos with less camera shake.

iphone viewfinder


A viewfinder can significantly enhance your phone's video-taking capabilities. If you're serious about creating quality videos, investing in a good phone viewfinder can make a big difference. By providing better stability, precision, composition, and clarity, a viewfinder enables phone users to capture every moment perfectly. Don't miss out on taking the best videos possible with your phone. Get yourself a viewfinder and start taking better videos today.

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