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Memorial Day Sale, Spend more & Save more- 15%, 20% and 25%
zacuto kameleon evf from chris mckechnie

10 Reasons Why I Chose the Zacuto Kameleon EVF

Having been behind the camera ever since I was 8, now 36 years old, I’ve worked on a wide range of projects, from features and commercials to documentaries, music videos, and brand films. Being in challenging, fast-paced environments is the name of the game in the production industry, because time is money, and you need gear that can keep up. A key piece of gear through the years for me has been an EVF. In my opinion, an EVF is the best way to judge focus - period. I’ve used pretty much every EVF offering out on the market. Some are quite good - typically the more expensive ones, while others - the cheaper ones - not nearly as feature-packed nor do they have the screen and build quality. You know that famous saying - you get what you pay for. Well, that holds true with most things, especially with production tools.

Zacuto Kameleon - The Best All Around EVF?

I’ve used Zacuto’s EVFs for quite some time, and their latest offering - the Kameleon, packs a punch. While it’s not the cheapest offering on the market, it’s not the most expensive either, but it’s definitely worth the price point. Here are 10 reasons why I think this EVF is the best of the bunch!

1. High-Quality Screen

The color accuracy, sharpness, and field of view are top-notch. Honestly, I think it’s the most color-accurate EVF Zacuto has ever developed. zacuto and kemeleon evf rig with kinefinity terra 4k from chris mckechnie

2. 3D LUTs

It’s Zacuto’s first 3D LUT enabled EVF. THANK YOU!! So if you need to add 3D monitoring LUTS, this EVF is for you. The Gratical series supports 1D LUT import, export, and creation, while the Kameleon supports 3D LUTS. It’s your choice what’s most important for you.

3. Size

This thing is very small and lightweight. There’s no unnecessary bits and pieces, just a powerful EVF that has less power draw overall. Keep in mind this is powered off a Lemo D-Tap cable...there is no way to power it with a LP-E6 battery like previous iterations of their EVF’s. zacuto and kemeleon evf rig with kinefinity terra 4k from chris mckechnie

4. Feature Packed

This EVF has all the necessary functionality that you’d expect from an EVF made by Zacuto. 4K HDMI support, 3D LUT support, camera overlays, anamorphic, image zoom, etc. The list goes on and on. Plus, the quick access buttons at the top allow you to customize hot-keys to your liking, putting even more functionality at your fingertips.

5. SDI and HDMI

It has both!! Woot! Now you can use the same EVF across multiple camera platforms. Whether you’re using a high-end cinema camera with SDI, or your small mirrorless which only supports HDMI, this EVF integrates with either. zacuto and kemeleon evf rig with kinefinity terra 4k from chris mckechnie

6. Anti-Fogging Lens

This is one of Zacuto’s claims-to-fame, so to speak. It’s literally the BEST anti-fogging method out on the market. I’ve never once had a Zacuto EVF fog up. Just recently I was in an ice-cold room and walked outside in the Texas humidity and rain, and all my gear immediately got condensation on it, except the Kameleon screen! Zacuto has always been great at this, and the Kameleon doesn’t disappoint here either.

7. Auto-Closing Eye Cup

As with any EVF, they can suffer screen burn-in if you’re not careful. Zacuto takes this very seriously, and has done everything they can to help keep your gear protected. The eye-cup is a genius design that automatically closes when you pull your eye away. I no longer have to worry about the sun destroying my EVF. Now, if they could think of a way to make it automatically open. Hehe! zacuto and kemeleon evf rig with kinefinity terra 4k from chris mckechnie

8. Accessories

Like all of Zacuto’s products, they really try to make gear that’s practical. They have numerous other accessories to help any of their EVF’s get integrated into your current setup. Whether you need a shoulder rig or a proper way to rig the EVF to what you currently own, they’ve got you covered with lots of options and customizability.

9. Extra Stability

Having another point of contact with the camera helps with stability. So for those of you who love handheld cinematography, use an EVF to get even more stable shots. zacuto and kemeleon evf rig with kinefinity terra 4k from chris mckechnie

10. Customer Support

Zacuto stands behind their products. Of all the Zacuto products I’ve used through the years, not one has ever failed me. But, if one was to fail, they have your back! Being based in the USA, you actually get to talk to support. (Zacuto Note: BPM are our support center in the EU!) They are quick to resolve any issues that may arise. Aftersales support is so important, especially when investing in a higher cost piece of gear. shop zacuto kameleon evf
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