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With a wide variety of lens mount adapters from aftermarket companies and the camera companies themselves, we’re no longer held back by a camera’s default lens mount. How do you securely support these often long and heavy lenses, particularly on DSLR cameras with only one screw mount connecting a camera to a baseplate? In comes the Lens Support to the rescue. We offer three different styles of lens supports – a Y shaped support with a wraparound strap, our most popular screw in style, and ‘hook and foot’ no-screw models for Zeiss and Canon lenses.

Screw Style and Y Shape Supports

Our 1/4 20 Lens Support, 3/8 16 Lens Support, and Y shaped Lightweight Locking lens Support all attach via quick release to two lightweight spaced 15mm rods. In the screw style versions, the central rod ends with an industry standard screw and screws directly into the screw hole that can be found under many different lenses. The Lightweight Locking Lens Support cradles your lens in the Y shaped support and uses a ZipGear Universal (which you cut to size) for additional support.

Install your lens support, with the bracked installed up or down, anywhere on a 15mm lightweight spaced rod system without needing to remove any other accessories.


Canon and Zeiss Lens Supports

Designed for Zeiss CP.2 lenses and Canon cinema and compact prime lens, these innovative new lens supports combine a ‘hook and foot’ mechanism with a quick release lightweight rod mount. You’ve never seen lens supports like these before!

Slide the rod mount hook onto rods under your lens and screw the included foot connectors into the underside of your lenses. The hook and foot click into place as you secure your lens onto the camera lens mount. And the best part is, there’s no additional work required when changing lenses.

Have questions about Lens Supports? Please contact our sales and customer service team at (312) 863 3456 or Live chat is also available during Chicago business hours.

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