Zacuto Receives Emmy Nominations for 2011 Web Series Productions

Zacuto Films is happy to announce their Chicago Midwest Chapter Emmy Nominations for 2011.  The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has recognized bts: Hit the Ground Running for Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Programs, FilmFellas: Commitment to the Craft for Outstanding Achievement for Interview/Discussion Programming and The Great Camera Shootout 2011: The Tipping Point for Outstanding Achievement for Informational/Instructional Programming.  Zacuto’s own Karen Abad also received a nomination for Outstanding Crafts for her editing work on The Great Camera Shootout 2011: The Tipping Point.


“Congrats to everyone involved and there were many,” says Zacuto web series Producer and Director of Photography, Jens Bogehegn.   “You’ve heard this before but it’s really great to be recognized for something that we love to do.”

This recent round of Emmy nominations brings the total lifetime Emmy nominations for Zacuto Films Producers, Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn and Scott Lynch to five with one Emmy win for The Great Camera Shootout 2010.

“We literally had over 1000 people involved in the 3 shows nominated for this year’s Emmys.  There is some stiff competition this year so we’ll see how it goes,” says Zacuto web series Director and Producer, Steve Weiss.  “I know it’s cliché, but it’s still just a great honor to be nominated and recognized by my peers and as well as The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  I believe and have always believed in the collaborate effort in filmmaking and I must thank all of the folks behind the camera and in our on camera screenings who helped us achieve our vision.”

FilmFellas 8 Shootout 2010   

From Left to Right: Cast of of FilmFellas 8, Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Nancy Schreiber & Stephen Goldblatt enjoy a nice boat ride on the Chicago River;
Steve Weiss & Jens Bogehegn at Mole Richardson in LA while shooting footage for the GCS 2011

Last year FilmFellas and The Great Camera Shootout 2010 were the only web based programs included in the nominations, proving Zacuto Films as a pioneer for Internet based programming competing in television categories.  This year Zacuto Films is up against a variety of web based programming, major television and cable programs.  This just goes to show that web based programs are really starting to earn the respect they deserve.

“What’s really amazing to me is that we are living through this convergence of TV and the internet and this is evidence that we are starting to compete with broadcast successfully,” says Bogehegn.  “These are truly very interesting times.”

Last year Zacuto Films had three web series and this year they have four.   The Zacuto Films production department has grown exponentially since last year’s Emmy Awards.  Zacuto Films now employs a full time production staff of eight individuals who concentrate solely on original Zacuto programming.   They are completely separate from the rest of the company and have nothing to do with Zacuto USA the brand.


Shooting BTS in Rwanda

“Of the three Zacuto shows nominated my favorite is bts, a documentary about T.C. Johnstone and Greg Kwedar‘s struggle to finish their documentary Rising From Ashes,” says Weiss.  “It has the stiffest competition going up against The Story of Father Pfleger, which was produced by my old friend, Bob Hercules and Chicago’s Olympic Dream by WMAQ.  It’s exciting though.  You never know what’s going to happen.”

Zacuto Films Web Series credits include Producers: Jens Bogehegn, Steve Weiss and Scott Lynch & Greg Kwedar. Web Series Director: Steve Weiss. Director of Photography: Jens Bogehegn. Editors: Daniel Skubal and Karen Abad.

Both Weiss and Bogehegn have worked together as Director/Cinematographer since 1986, together they have created in both film and video over 600 commercial, corporate, documentary and fashion projects as well as four web based video series.  They have been honored with a Bronze Star Houston International Film Festival, 2 Chicago Film Festival International Winners, Chicago Film Festival International Certificate, NY Film Festival Winner, AFVA Red Ribbon, 1st & 2nd Prize Beverage and Food Dynamics, Silver Triangle Award, 5 Silver & 4 Bronze Telly Awards, 5 Emmy nominations, 1 Emmy win and 2 Black Diamond Awards for Product Design.

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