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Every Wednesday at 11am CST

Zacuto Live is a weekly Facebook show covering subjects that are important to us as filmmakers and content creators. As always, we hope our programs will inspire and inform you. We’ll have some interview and educational episodes with incredible guest talent. And some shows that focus on gear tutorials and cameras. We’ll be bringing back shows like FilmFellas and Critics in this new Live format.

We’ll have DP’s, producers and directors discussing everything from new equipment to scriptwriting, budgeting, directing, producing, lighting, working with actors or anything you want! Feel free to email guest suggestions and/or show ideas to and we’ll find the talent and produce those shows for you.


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Episode 4: How to Get a Movie Deal

We’re talking with some pros to have a frank conversation about what it takes to get a movie deal. It’s rarely a straight path that’s the same for everyone, but there are still some key components that tie everything together.

Giancarlo Iannotta, Actor/Director
Bruce Logan, Cinematographer
A-lan Holt, Writer/Director
Elliot Lewis Rosenblatt, Producer

Episode 3: Should You Buy or Rent Camera Gear?

Should you buy that camera or just rent it? What’s the current “life” of a camera and how do you structure your freelance client work pricing to incorporate gear you own and what you need to rent?

Guests include Tom Fletcher Fujinon/FUJIFILM Director of Marketing, Joseph Bogdan, and Nino Leitner from NinoFilm and cinema5D.

Episode 2: Critics with Philip Bloom

In Critics, film/video veterans, Steve Weiss, Director of FilmFellas & Critics and many more, and Philip Bloom, a London based Cinematographer and Filmmaker, come together as dueling co-hosts to candidly critique web based video content.

In this episode, Philip Bloom and Steve Weiss critique and break apart each other work in their reboot of Critics.

Watch Philip Bloom’s full piece.
Watch Steve Weiss’ full piece.

Episode 1: Welcome to Zacuto Live

In this first episode of Zacuto Live, we talk about how filmmakers are using the new live format and how it can expand not only viewership of a specific show but also a filmmakers ‘brand.’ We give a tour of our new live show set, show the Tricaster gear we’re using to broadcast, and talk about what’s coming next.

Guests: Lan Bui, TC Johnstone, Mick Jones.

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