Upgrade or Credit?

Kameleon EVF to Kameleon EVF Pro

This page outlines the two options – upgrade or credit – for original Kameleon EVF users now that we have released the Kameleon EVF Pro. The main difference between the models is the addition of the much-requested Waveform feature. We know many of you have been waiting for this feature and are excited to bring it to our customers with this new model. Unfortunately, it was not possible to add Waveform with a simple software update. Adding Waveform (and Vectorscope) has required some new hardware to update the software as well as a new display interface. This requires a whole new unit; your current Kameleon cannot be modified to a Pro version.

new kameleon pro interface

In order to incorporate Waveform and Vectorscope into the new interface, we have changed the overlay to a classic 16×9 image with space underneath for scopes and additional information. Moving the data under the image also allows for a brighter, more colorful image and helps prevent burn-in.

Upgrade or Credit

We understand it can be tricky to go without your gear for long periods and that some of you may not wish to upgrade, so we’ve got two options available for you – a $250 path to upgrade or a gift of $350 store credit.

Upgrade to a Kameleon EVF Pro for $250
If you wish to upgrade to the new Pro model, you will need to fill out the form below, ship your current Kameleon EVF to us before January 6th, 2020, and pay a $250 upgrade fee. It may be up to 2 weeks from your unit being received before your Kameleon Pro will be shipped to you. You must send us your current EVF before we can ship a new model.

Take $350 Credit Instead
If you choose not to upgrade, please fill out the form below and accept a $350 store credit with our thanks for being a Kameleon customer. Your $350 credit will be emailed to you within 2 business days. This credit does not expire but must be used all at once; it cannot be divided between multiple orders. It is valid only through the Zacuto store directly and cannot be used with any dealer.

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new kameleon evf pro with waveform