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Individually wrapped disposable face mask dispenser stand

Mask Dispenser Stand for Doctors Office

Zacuto PPE is a division of Zacuto, a filmmaking accessories manufacturer for over 20 years. We are known in the filmmaking industry as a company with sleek inventions, innovative designs, and professional products with outstanding customer service which continues into Zacuto PPE. Zacuto PPE designed and manufactures a disposable face mask dispenser for businesses, hospitals, clinic, hospitality and more.

See What People are Saying:

“The first dispenser was put out by the employee entrance,” says one of Zacuto PPE’s clients, a Supply Chain Analyst at an east coast hospital. “Since its inception, there has been a reduction of upwards of 1000 masks a day. I think this will make a huge difference in our supply costs. It also looks WAY better than having boxes of masks around. Senior management is VERY pleased by the craftsmanship and sturdiness of the dispenser. They like it a lot.”

Disposable Face Mask Dispenser

The aluminum dispenser holds 250 of our unique individually wrapped 3-ply disposable face masks or individually wrapped USA made ASTM Level 2 medical masks.  It is spring loaded making it super easy to only grab one mask at a time. Super easy to setup and refill.

Put these at the entrance of your business to keep your customers, guests, and employees feeling safe. The face mask dispenser stand helps keep spaces tidy. It can help limit the amount of masks being offered since customers can only take one at a time. Customize the graphics on the sides and top of the dispenser to fit your needs.

Individually Wrapped Disposable Face Mask

Individually wrapped masks are very important to prevent contamination from someone passing them out or grabbing them from an open box.  Using gloves to pass out masks will not help because the gloves themselves are touching things and can be just as contaminated as using your hands. Individually wrapped masks will preserve the effectiveness of the masks for a longer period of time.

We are excited to help you clean up your workspace and reduce your supply costs. Contact us today for a quote!

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Building a Dispenser Network

A quick video on how to unpackage and setup your Zacuto Face Mask Dispenser Stand.