Zacuto PPE Station

Individually wrapped disposable face mask dispenser

Zacuto PPE is a division of Zacuto, a filmmaking accessories manufacturer for over 20 years. Zacuto is known in the filmmaking industry as a company with sleek, innovative designs and inventions and outstanding customer service which continues into Zacuto PPE.

Zacuto PPE designs and manufactures various disposable face mask dispensers that can be branded as a marketing opportunity.

The dispensers holds our unique individually wrapped 3-ply disposable face masks.  Put these at the entrance of your business to keep your customers, guests, passengers, and employees feeling safe.

Individually wrapped masks are very important to prevent contamination from someone passing them out or grabbing them from an open box.  Using gloves to pass out masks will not help because the gloves themselves are touching things and can be just as contaminated as using your hands. Individually wrapped disposable 3-ply masks will preserve the effectiveness of the masks for a longer period of time.

How the Program Works

The program is very easy to implement with our four simple steps. When you are ready, give us a call or fill out the form below.

Zacuto PPE Station- How it works

Choose your Mask Dispenser Model

Mask Dispenser- customized with your branding graphics

The Flash Model is manufactured from PVC PALBoard. It has 2 spots to dispense individually wrapped masks.  It holds 400 disposable masks at one time and is easy to refill.  It is 55 inches tall and the widest part, at the base, is 16 inches. 

Sleek Model is an aluminium frame with acrylic sides. It is spring loaded and dispenses individually wrapped masks at the top.  It holds 400 disposable masks. Add custom graphics for an additional $150 charge. It is 57 inches tall and the widest part is 16.5 inches . It is available in 3-4 weeks. Get on the waiting list!

Individually Wrapped Disposable Mask Packages

We offer several mask packages to fit your demands and needs, ranging from 25 masks a day up to 400 masks a day and even more. We can tailor the program to fit your needs, contact us now or you can buy masks now.

Zacuto PPE Disposable Masks

Marketing Opportunity

You can customize your mask dispenser by adding graphics and branding materials such as business names, vendors, tenants, suppliers and related industry businesses logos. Or even goodwill messages.

How do I pay or offset the cost for the masks? 
There are options!
If you use 75 masks a day, that is $1,665/month.  You can have four sponsors  pay $416/ month and give them advertising space on your mask dispenser.



Want more Information?

Thank you for your interest in Zacuto’s PPE face mask dispenser. Give us a call at 1-312-863-3456, ext 5 or fill out the form below, and we will be in contact with you!