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Zacuto USA Specials

Zacuto Specials

All Zacuto USA Specials are valid from February 1st- March 31st, 2011 through Zacuto or any Zacuto Reseller Worldwide.

Striker Special

Gorilla Kit Specials : Buy a Zacuto Striker & Receive a free Z-Finder Pro, 2.5x or 3x magnification

Striker SaleThe Striker is a kit in our gorilla line. It is a simple point of contact rig that helps stabilize when shooting video with DSLR cameras. The Striker uses a gunstock pressing up against your shoulder and one hand on a handgrip and the other hand focusing the lens. The less hands holding the actual camera, the more stable the video will be. By adjusting the many Zacuto red levers, the kit is infinitely adjustable to work with any body type or shape. The handgrip and gunstock uses a ball joint so you can rotate them 180 degrees for user comfort. The handgrip can also be positioned on the left or right side depending on what hand you like to focus your lens with and can also be configured for a left eye shooter. The Striker gives you three points of contact.

By using the free Z-Finder Pro, an optical viewfinder, with your striker, you will have 4 points of contact by pushing the Z-Finder against your eye. It will give you the correct form factor for video. The Z-Finder comes with either a 2.5x or 3x focusable magnification, a 40mm diameter Zacuto optical designed lens, an eyecup preventing extraneous light leakage, a diopter and a field of view perfectly matched to 3” LCD screens.

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Lens Kit Special

DSLR Cinema Kit Specials: Buy a Single Action, Peace Maker, Cross Fire, or Double Barrel & Receive a Free Zipgear Prime Lens Kit

The Single Action kit is a starter tripod rig. It includes the height adjustable DSLR baseplate and the Zacuto Z-Focus. The DSLR baseplate is the foundation for all Zacuto DSLR cinema kits; therefore the single action can easily be upgraded to a shoulder mounted kit later down the road. With the free Zipgear Prime Lens Kit, you can gear up to 6 lenses for use with the follow focus.

Zacuto Single Action Zacuto Single Action w/ Camera

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The Peace Maker kit is our expanded tripod rig which gives you the ability to mount professional batteries and a high definition monitor. You can either mount V-mount or 3-stud batteries by adding the appropriate battery plate to our red plate. With our included quick release articulating arm, you can mount the HD monitor and position it to your liking. This rig is highly recommend for studio shooting.

Zacuto Peace Maker Zacuto Peace Maker w/ Camera

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The Cross Fire is a handheld kit, ideal for shooters that need handheld shooting capabilities with a follow focus. It provides the point of contacts for stabilizing your shots by pressing the gunstock up against your chest. Even more stability can be achieve with the addition of the Zacuto Z-Finder Pro pressing up against your eye. This rig is great for quick handheld shots.

Zacuto Cross Fire Zacuto Cross Fire w/ Camera

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The Double Barrel is the fully loaded shoulder mounted rig. It will give you the most stability by having a 7lb counterbalance weight and our dual handgrips. This rig also helps lessen fatigue as it is takes away a lot of the front heaviness. The Double Barrel can quickly be switched from shoulder mounted rig to tripod rig by installing your tripod plate on the bottom of the DSLR baseplate.. With the flip of the lever you can release the shoulder pad and weight and be ready for tripod shooting. This rig is recommended for any long period handheld shooting.

Zacuto Double Barrel Zacuto Double Barrel w/ Camera

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