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MicroBOOM now shipping! Get in line now!
MicroBOOM now shipping! Get in line now!

Zacuto Unveils Audio and Vertical Video Solutions Ahead of NAB Show


Zacuto’s new Micro Mixer, Micro Boom pole and Rotator camera bracket are designed to meet the evolving needs of filmmakers and content creators.

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CHICAGO April 12, 2023 – Leading camera accessories manufacturer Zacuto has announced the upcoming release of several new products leading up to this year’s NAB Show. These products include the new Zacuto Rotator rig system for shooting vertical video, the Micro Mixer, Micro Boom Pole and a new EVF in partnership with Accsoon’s SeeMo utilizing an iPhone. 

In response to the growing popularity of vertical video, Zacuto has announced the release of their new Zacuto Rotator, an L shaped bracket that is compatible with their VCT Pro baseplate or VCT Dock. In seconds, filmmakers can slide their cameras out, rotate, and slide back into the baseplate with the flip of a lever. The rotator is also both height and width adjustable to accommodate all cameras from DSLM to cinema, making it accessible for all types of filmmakers.

Zacuto Product Designer/Director Steve Weiss says, “95% of the time you would shoot 9x16 is for social media, so you’re going to want to be mobile and handheld. This rotator lets you quickly adjust and shoot on your shoulder.”

Zacuto is also diving into the audio market with the new Micro Mixer and Micro Boom.  The on-board audio Micro Mixer is the first dual channel microphone mixer designed specifically for mobile phone video, but also works with cameras as well. It is tiny, weighing in at 1.1 oz with dimensions of 2.2” x 1.9” x .5” . The dual channel design allows users to input two microphones. It is ideal for video production, interviews, or podcasting with mix-minus capabilities. The streamlined design allows for quick adjustments with no menus, so users can set levels, pan, and monitor sound within seconds. It can be powered via phone or externally.

The Micro Boom, the world's first ‘patent pending’ lightweight on-camera audio boom pole. Weighing 5 ounces and retracting to 14 inches, this adjustable boom pole is ideal for filmmakers who need to capture high quality audio on the go. In addition, the Micro Boom offers multiple mounting options, including cold shoe, NATO Rail, and ENG mounting plate. These options make this Micro Boom compatible with any camera, including Zacuto’s Smart Z-Finder, their new smartphone viewfinder and rig system.  

“The Micro Boom allows you to capture professional sounding audio without having an extra sound person. It’s perfect for a single operator shooter doing interviews, social media, news, events and more!” says Weiss. 

“We are excited to bring these products to NAB and expand beyond our typical markets. Zacuto has always been about innovating, and adopting the evolving needs of all types of content creators. This is the next step forward for Zacuto” says Mandy Rogers, VP. 

These products are scheduled to launch in late Q2, early Q3. Those attending NAB can visit Zacuto at booth number C7249 April 16-19th to learn more and watch product demonstrations. Members of the press can schedule product demonstrations and interviews with the Zacuto team via this link:

About Zacuto 

Zacuto invents and designs production-grade filmmaking equipment in the USA. They’re known for their signature products, the original Z-Finder viewfinders, Gratical and Kameleon EVF’s. Their turn-key shoulder rigs are centered around the Zacuto VCT Pro baseplate & camera rotator. They create products based on four central principles: balance, ergonomics, comfort for all day shooting and products that are universal and work with all cameras. Zacuto’s equipment frees filmmakers and content creators to focus on innovation, inspiration, and creativity. From Hollywood cinematographers to indie filmmakers to event shooters, there is only one choice – Zacuto, the industry standard. For inquiries contact Alma Gonzalez