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Free Smart Z-Finder with purchase!

Writing Series by Jill Remensnyder

Welcome to Zacuto’s writing series with Jill Remensnyder. Jill is a professional writer and producer based out of Portland, Oregon. These articles are designed to help aspiring writers hone their craft as well as give them helpful tips along the way. Jill Remensnyder began her career in film production in 1998. As she was about to graduate from college, she wrote, produced and directed her first feature film. In 1999, she brought her movie to Cannes and career doors began to open for her. She has been working in the industry ever since. Stay tuned for more tips and advice from Jill. Jill wrote “Light of Mine” that was premiered at the 2011 Ashland Independent Film Festival where it was a finalist for best cinematography. Check out the trailer below!