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Steve's Top 20 Favorite Videos

This is a list of my top 20 Favorite Videos on the Web. It is is constant change as new videos emerge. These videos are picked for a variety of reasons. Story, acting, screen direction, lighting, cinematography, location sound, sound design, production design, editing, entertainment, message, and if they move or educate you, etc. This is not a cinematography list. I hope you enjoy these videos and if you have others that you think should be on this list please send them to me at
  1. Vicky and Sam Trailer (Nuno Rocha)
  2. Intercanvi (Alex Amengual)
  3. Love is like Life but Longer (Poppy de Villeneuve)
  4. A Thousand Words (Ted Chung)
  5. The Butterfly Circus (The Butterfly Circus)
  6. 16: Moments (Will Hoffman)
  7. What is That? (Constantin Pilavios)
  8. A Short Love Story in Stop Motion (Carlos Lascano)
  9. Mike's (Ted Chung)
  10. Small Pleasures (Constantin Pilavios)
  11. City of Lakes (Kevin Shahinian)
  12. Pizza Verdi (Gary Nadeu)
  13. Prague (Philip Bloom)
  14. Rapture (Tom Lowe)
  15. Gay = Sin (Matthew Brown)
  16. The Oldest Friend I Just Met (Rick Macomber)
  17. Be Near Me (John X. Carey)
  18. "Dil Jaanta Hai (The Heart Knows) (Kevin Shahinian)
  19. And so it begins... (Karen Abad)
  20. SS Trailer (Ronan Jorah)