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Please allow 4-7 days for orders to ship.

The Great Camera Shootout 2010: Episode 1 - It's All About Latitude

The DSLR vs Film Shootout Series kicks off with the 1st set of camera assessment tests looking at latitude. Watch results & discussions by ASC, indie, event & convergence DP's at AFI & Skywalker Ranch. THE GREAT CAMERA SHOOTOUT 2010 CAST: Jens Bogehegn (Web Series Executive Producer), Robert Primes ASC (Director of Photography), Philip Bloom (DP - Color Profiles), Gary Adcock (Digerati), Ryan Emerson (Colorist) and Steve Weiss (Web Series Director). SPECIAL APPEARANCES BY: Shane Hurlbut ASC, Stephen Goldblatt ASC, BSC, Stephen Lighthill ASC, Rick McCallum, Stu Maschwitz, David Wexler, Kevin Shahinian, David Robin, The Bui Brothers and more. Critics Season 2 - The Lost Episodes