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Free shipping over $250.00

Zacuto MicroBOOM and Micro Mixer

Following the announcement of the Smart Z-Finder, Zacuto is excited for additional upcoming product releases for smartphone content creation including our Micro Boom, on camera boom pole and Micro Mixer


Zacuto is diving into the audio market with our patented Micro Boom, the world’s first lightweight, on-camera audio boom pole. Get that boom sound without the boom operator! Weighing only 5 ounces, the Micro Boom is designed for use on DSLR, mirrorless, ENG cameras, Cinema Cameras, and smartphones with our Smart Z-Finder rig system.


The on-board audio Micro Mixer is the first dual channel microphone mixer designed specifically for mobile phone video, but also works with cameras as well. It is super tiny, weighing in at 1.1 oz with dimensions of 2.2” x 1.9” x .5” . The dual channel design allows you to input two microphones, so you can easily create stereo mic setups, or dual person mic’ing. Isolate individual voices, and/or create unique custom mixes live-streaming. It is ideal for video production, interviews, or podcasting with mix-minus capabilities. The Micro Mixer’s streamlined design allows for quick adjustments, with no menus, via switches and dials, so you can set levels, pan, and monitor sound within seconds.