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Free shipping over $250.00

Jon Maloney

Designer - Inventory Control Manager

Jon Maloney, Zacuto Inventory Control Jon has been in Inventory Control for 24yrs. His first Inventory Control job was at Central Supply. There were several other Inventory Control jobs before Zacuto such as Archibald candy, Paper Source, and Sams Wines and Spirits. Jon came to Zacuto in 2009 as Inventory Control Manager. Since then, Jon has worked in many aspects of Zacuto business operations from troubleshooting products, IT, accounting, pricing, personnel, and forecasting issues, as well as managing our suppliers and vendors both in the USA, France, and China. In the last 5 years, Jon has become an integral part of the Zacuto product design team, with ideas of his own for new products and solutions to creating these products. Coming from the inventory side, he sees design from a different angle. He helps in creating economies of scale by using common parts to help create solutions reducing inventory and the cost basis of each product.