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Jill Remensnyder

Writer & Producer

My name’s Jill Remensnyder and I’m a freelance writer and producer based in Portland, Oregon. I dove into film production headfirst in 1998. One term shy of earning my BA in Theater Arts, it seemed logical to put everything on hold in order to write, direct and produce a feature film. The following year I took my finished film to the Cannes Marketplace and doors started to open for future writing and production opportunities. I’ve managed to keep myself busy ever since.

Producing is a great outlet for my OCD and I’ve found writing to be a lot cheaper than therapy. As a storyteller, I see technology as both a blessing and a curse. It’s allowed us ample opportunities to share our stories- like viral videos, web series, and no-budget DSLR movies of all lengths with high production value. Amen. It’s also created a world of endless media content where the focus seems to be on quantity instead of quality. Oy. I believe everyone has a story to tell- it’s just a matter of telling it well.

"I most recently wrote and produced a feature film called "Light of Mine." It's the story of a photographer who's going blind and the journey he and his wife take to Yellowstone to take photos before completely losing his vision. The film is currently on the festival circuit and will hopefully be coming to a city near you."