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Save up to 70% Summer Sale

Gratical Eye

The Gratical Eye SDI electronic viewfinder is the smallest and lightest of our Micro-OLED EVFs. It fits in the palm of your hand and weighs only 14oz. This is an ideal SDI EVF solution for filmmakers using professional cameras and external batteries. The Gratical Eye has a 2 pin Lemo power jack and a single SDI input. Sleek and small, this EVF will fit in even the smallest of camera bags! Take it with you on the road or add it to your studio rig.


Along with the full suite of Zacuto EVF firmware (full scopes, LUTs, multi level peaking, and more), the Gratical Eye has two unique features - an external tally light and a proximity screen saver sensor. If the sensor does not detect anything for 7 seconds (time is user adjustable) the screen will go black and then wake up instantly when it detects motion. After 1 hour of being idle, the Eye will go into auto shutoff mode, saving you power. Read on to find out more about the Gratical Eye SDI EVF.

Gratical Eye SDI EVF Specs

gratical eye micro oled sdi evf features
Micro-OLED Display
Power & Mounting
gratical eye sdi evf micro-oled screen
gratical eye sdi evf power and mounting
The Gratical Eye SDI EVF features a state-of-the-art Micro-OLED screen. With 5.4 million pixels squeezed onto a screen only 0.61” diagonal, you get a hugely expanded contrast range for the truest image possible. The Micro-OLED screen offers vivid, vibrant colors and true black, as each pixel is lit individually. specs-fixed An industry standard 2 pin Lemo jack makes powering the Gratical Eye off your existing external batteries a breeze. We offer an optional combined power and video cable 2 Pin Lemo to D-Tap and a BNC cable. Or use any current model Lemo cable you may own - The Gratical Eye’s auto-sensor prevents any compatibility issues with polarity. Mounting options include ¼ 20 rosettes on both sides so cables can be positioned up or down. Attach your electronic viewfinder with an arm or Zacuto Axis Mini as part of a Zacuto Next Generation Recoil Rig.
zacuto gratical eye sdi evf optics and antifog
Connections & Compatibility
zacuto gratical hd fpga processor chip
gratical eye sdi evf connections and compatibility
At the core of the Gratical Eye is a powerful, cutting edge FPGA dual core processor. This processor supports our wide array of professional features including Vectorscope, Waveform (3D), Histogram, LUT import/export/create, and two features unique to the Gratical Eye - a proximity screen saver to conserve power (7 second motion detector screen saver and auto shut off after 1 hour) and a useful outboard tally light. Gratical Eye customers can enjoy free firmware updates, including fixes and additions, for life. The Eye SDI EVF has a built in USB port for quick updates. Our software engineers are always working on tweaks and new features to make sure your Gratical stays current and consistent for any future changes in camera or workflow. Have something you’d like to see added? Please contact us to make a suggestions and you could see your idea in our next firmware! The Gratical Eye has HD-SDI input only with resolutions up to 1080p/60. If you’re a filmmaker working exclusively with professional cameras then this is the model for you. No other SDI electronic viewfinder on the market is as portable and powerful as the Gratical Eye.


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