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MicroBOOM now shipping! Get in line now!
MicroBOOM now shipping! Get in line now!

Gratical HD EVF

Zacuto brought five different engineering companies together to create the Gratical EVF, a new micro OLED electronic viewfinder concept. Electronic viewfinders are a pivotal tool in any filmmakers bag, providing accessibility, stability, focusability, and so much more.

Unlike a standard electronic viewfinder, with the Gratical Eye EVF you can trust you’re seeing a realistic visualization of your final image. The processing power and sharpness of the Zacuto Gratical electronic viewfinder far surpasses all other EVF units on the market.

Zacuto offers one Gratical EVF and a Kameleon EVF (released in March 2019).  The Gratical starts with a 5.4 million pixel micro-OLED display, high quality precision optics with a built in diopter, and a powerful FPGA dual core processor.   grayline


Next Generation Recoil Rigs & an EVF:
A perfect match

Zacuto’s universal Next Generation Recoil Rigs are all about BALANCE! You cannot shoot with a rig that is not balanced, you’ll be fighting fatigue on long shoots. Whether you’re shooting TV, film, documentary, wedding or news, a balanced shoulder mounted rig will keep your shots steady and allow you to shoot the whole day. Recoil rigs place the balance point directly over your shoulder, pushing focus and monitoring further forward, creating a lighter and shorter rig. 

Gratical EVF Reviews:
Filmmakers weigh in on the Gratical

"I've used Zacuto's older EVFs, but the Gratical HD is whole new beast. I used it solidly for 10 days with my Sony FS7 in the Florida Everglades before doing this review...easily the best way to test it, in a real world use situation, and it I was very impressed indeed. The display is a crystal clear micro OLED with gorgeous optics giving a huge and clear image in front of your eye. The scopes, which are below the video image so don’t get in the way, are the best I have seen on a monitoring device. Waveform, histogram and vectorscope all there at the same time. The Gratical HD is an exceptional EVF, but it’s obviously not for everyone - that's why they have other models! I am going to sell my Sony OLED one, as this makes it utterly redundant, being so much better!" - Philip Bloom, Filmmaker


"The Gratical X is a pro level HD OLED EVF. With the Gratical X you purchase features you want a la carte from Zacuto’s site. If you see yourself wanting to purchase 6 or more features you are better off buying the Gratical HD version. The features I ended up purchasing are fairly basic: Redline Peaking, for critical focus, Frame Lines, for accurate framing when I use different aspect ratios, and Scopes,for accurate exposure. If you own or rent different cameras the Gratical X EVF is ideal. It works with just about every camera out there. Watch my Gratical X Activation Video" - Chris Weatherly, Filmmaker

"Documentaries demand engaging stories and beautiful images, but it can be challenging to get cinematic precision in a run-and-gun environment. In our mini-doc, we went around to a photographer's favorite NY locations, and keeping up required a versatile setup. Using the just-announced Zacuto Gratical Eye, we had the accuracy and professional features of Zacuto's Gratical EVF line, all in a compact package that was perfect for a documentary camera rig. Its razor sharp OLED screen, numerous exposure tools, customizable LUTs, and SDI input make it the perfect fit our needs." - B&H Pro Video