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FilmFellas Cast 5

The Epic Wedding

The Epic Wedding features three more event filmmakers. Patrick Moreau, (Stillmotion), Kevin Shahinian, (Pacific Pictures), Ron Dawson, (Dare Dreamer), with host Steve Weiss. The filmmakers discuss the role of the wedding cinematographer and the craft of creating a new genre of wedding films which showcase courtship re-enactments, epic style filmmaking and the dramatic effect of same-day/on location edits.
Elaborating on the new art form of wedding filmmaking, they discuss the key role of the cinematographer and creating 'The Hollywood Version of the Love Story.'


Steve Weiss Steve Weiss began his creative journey at an early age. His dad taught him photography and they shot Super 8 movies together. With the advent of the home VCR, Steve was among the first to begin shooting and editing wedding videos...more Patrick Moreau Stillmotion’s signature style has drawn the attention, and sponsorship, from Tiffen/Steadicam, Cinevate, Canon Canada, and Canon US. Stillmotion introduced the ‘evolution experience’, a three day intense workshop that focuses on bringing film philosophy...more Kevin Shahinian Kevin is an award-winning filmmaker, graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts and founder of Pacific Pictures, a boutique film production company based in Los Angeles, CA that produces live event, corporate and original concept...more Ron Dawson Ron Dawson is an accomplished writer, director, award-winning video producer, speaker, and producer/host of the popular podcast F-Stop Beyond. For the second consecutive year he was named to the EventDV 25, one of the top...more