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Critics - Season One

Weiss & Bloom

The season that started it all! Over seven episodes, Steve Weiss and Philip Bloom critique an eclectic mix of videos. They debate content and format, the ethics of violence and horror in film, the very concept of critique, and the merits of different filmmaking styles.
Videos include artistic shorts, Matthew Brown’s video GAY=SIN, slow motion, BMX bikes, feet worshiping, homeless portraits, a world music video, a skateboarding video with amazing slow motion effects, a post Obama election celebration on the streets of NYC, insane wing-suit base jumping, a ‘Trash the Dress’ bridal shoot, a magical love story in stop motion, and many more.


God of Small Things by Chris Abbas & Sumit Seru A Thousand Words by Ted Chung Tarancino by Mick Jones Rowing Solo Across the Pacific by Geoff A Charters GAY = SIN by Matthew Brown Lights by Jon Sands the reality of...Confidence by Neo Films Ltd Slow Motion Punches by Cody Kern Faction MX by Vita Brevis Don’t Go Home With Strangers by William Higo Sorority Girl Gets Her Feet Worshiped by Trust Mea Homeless Portrait by Philip Bloom New Effect – Sinada by Mihnea de Vries Anamaria Ferentz - Blind (HD) by Alex Vlad Urban Nature by Alex Horner Powder Mountain Perspective by Ian Provo Skate by Opus Magnum Production Memory Bank 120394a by Karen Abad FREE BEATS by Karpe Diem - Krølla 50-lapp Y'all by Jørgen Klüver Wingsuit Base Jumping by Down By The Water by Dustin Blake A Short Love Story In Stop Motion by Carlos Lascano Khoda by Reza Dolatabadi Vanity by Sergio Herencias Bucket of Blood by Kolchoz Pictures Rise of the Machines by Pawel Piskorski & Michal Srodek