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Timur Civan

DP and Artist

Timur Civan is an acclaimed director of photography and a fine artist. He has the natural ability to take a seemingly impossible, logistically nightmarish photographic demand and turn it into an award-winning piece of art. In his years of undergrad at New York University he honed his talent for creating visually stimulating art. He left the school with an appreciation for the capacity of the moving picture.

Initially, Timur was a showing visual artist. Upon receiving praise for his art at several gallery showings in New York and Istanbul, he was offered the opportunity to shoot his first music video. His early display of an eye for the medium led to much work with videos by acclaimed directors and recording artists. This cemented his love of telling a story with the camera. To date, Timur has made several dozen short films, features, music videos, commercials and documentaries.

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