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T.C. Johnstone


T.C. Johnstone began making films in Steamboat Springs 10 years ago. After producing his first feature he moved to Santa Monica California and began working as a DP and documentary director on a wide variety of projects ranging from television to independent films. As a story hunter, T.C. has traveled to over 40 countries and has a deep desire to see people live out there dreams and contribute to the common good.

"TC has literally traveled the globe with me recording amazing stories of the church. I consider him to be one of the finest young film producers of his generation. He has an ability to capture and interpret stories in a powerful and compelling way," said Rick Warren, Author of the Purpose Driven Life & Pastor of Saddleback Church.

With a passion for redemptive story and world issues, T.C. began writing and directing films with redemptive themes 7 years ago. The vision was simple, allow audiences to dream. He believes a well told story can create a catalysis change, T.C. is focused on 5 strategic areas: reconciliation, leadership, poverty, health care and education. These issues effect us all and we are all part of the solution.

In a world of massive innovation, the opportunities are endless. As a consultant, T.C. works with a wide range of clients including independent producers, universities, television networks and faith based organizations. His desire is to use media that inspires application with positive outcomes. In 2007 T.C. also began Gratis 7 Media Group a non-profit 501c3 to support filmmakers and pastors mobilize the Church for mission.

In 2010, with 5 years in the making, T.C. began production on his documentary, "Rising from Ashes" ~ the redemption story of Rwandan's first ever national cycling team. Rising from the ashes of an unthinkable genocide, 5 riders have become ambassadors of hope for a country destined to rise from their past to a promising future.

Additionally, in the fall of 2010, T.C joined forces with Zacuto Films in bts: a web series. "A Documentary About Making Documentaries," which follows Director T.C. Johnstone, Producer Greg Kwedar and their entire film crew to document this amazing journey in the making of their upcoming documentary "Rising From Ashes,” a film about Rwandan's first ever national cycling team. In this upcoming web series, you will get a behind the scenes look at the process of filmmaking, see the pain and commitment of the crew on location and find out what it really takes to put a film together. “This is not a reality show.”

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