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MicroBOOM shipping soon!

Mike Curtis

Workflow consultant

Mike Curtis has been pushing pixels for a living for over 20 years for everything from cell phones to cinema screens. For the last 8 years he has focused on digital motion imaging workflows and post production supervision and consulting. He started the popular blog in 2004, was the first person to ever write about Red (and owns one), is a founder of, and writes for MacWorld. Since moving to LA from Austin in 2008, he has worked on high end commercials and independent film projects, and for the bulk of 2011 has been working on the SCCE as post supervisor and many, many other hats. In Austin, he worked in print, interactive and video doing high tech business to business marketing communications for 15 years until he couldn't stand it anymore and got into the entertainment industry thereafter. Lately he has been shooting a lot of HDR timelapse, because it is interesting and requires nerdy obsessiveness.

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