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Michael Bravin

Michael Bravin is owner of The Digital Picture Company, a consulting and educational organization assisting production professionals, above and below the line, in the transition from film based production practices and methods, to digital production.

As a consultant and advisor to cinematographers, directors, and producers worldwide in their transition from film to digital production. Michael works with clients to streamline the processes and recognize the savings in time and money that digital production can afford, while preserving the craft, art, and time honored traditions of filmmaking as the transition to digital cinematography unfolds. Michael’s solid practical business experience allows him to balance the creative considerations with the realities of budgets and the financial concerns of production, at the same time.

With a broad background in production and post-production, which he brings to bear in his consulting, educational and support activities, he has a reputation for making complicated technical and engineering principles straightforward and simple to understand, for creative and artistic production personnel.

Previously, throughout 2010, as ARRI’s Vice President of Market Development, Michael was responsible for developing new markets for ARRI, in digital acquisition, with focus on technical product marketing and rollout of the new ALEXA product line of cameras.

Prior to ARRI, as CTO at Band Pro Film & Digital from 1994-2009, he was responsible for their pioneering efforts in bringing electronic tools to the film community. Michael worked closely with the Sony factory personnel in the development of the F900, F23 and F35 Digital Cinematography cameras, and with ZEISS lens designers in the development of the ZEISS DigiPrimesTM and ZEISS DigiZoomsTM , to meet the early demands of the high end motion picture film, television and commercial markets for digital and HD tools.

Michael began his career with NBC Sports in live sports television production. Michael is a founding member of the Santa Fe High Definition Workshops; The Workshops staff trained A list cinematographers, camera operators, DIT’s and producers in the methods and practices of digital cinematography. The Santa Fe High Definition Workshops prepared the market for the coming transition to digital electronic cinematography.

Michael is an Associate member of the ASC, and a member of SMPTE, and The Digital Cinema Society.

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