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Greg Kwedar


Greg Kwedar Writer / Director. Greg spent four years as an accounting major at Texas A&M University. Four long years. After living in Sydney, working on film sets, writing, and surfing, as well as years of service working in the slums on the Mexican border, Greg left Accounting... in the middle of an exam... to pursue a calling to tell stories. After turning down an acceptance to NYU's Graduate School in Film Production, he moved to Austin, Texas, where he is working as an independent Writer and Director in film for One Spark Films. Greg has written, directed, and produced projects both domestic and international. From narrative short films, commercials, music videos, and documentaries, Greg has written and directed stories that are designed to capture honest human emotion. His work has garnered international attention with short films viewed in over 180 countries. Greg is currently developing two narrative feature film projects as well as producing media for non-profits throughout the developing world. Greg wants to continue to make films that give you those little chills up your spine, that make the hair stand up on your neck, and spark the desire to connect with someone. He wants to make you smile. He wants to challenge you. He wants to reach the quiet places in your heart and stir them like crazy. When not Writing or Directing with One Spark Films, Greg loves spending time with his beautiful fiance Greta, beast of a chocolate lab Tucker, friends, and family. He is an avid traveler, collector of knick-knacks, seeker of adventure, intrigue and mystery. Greg also finds symbolism in way too much... just ask him about feathers. In 2010, with 5 years in the making, Greg began shooting his documentary, "Rising from Ashes" ~ the redemption story of Rwandan's first ever national cycling team. Rising from the ashes of an unthinkable genocide, 5 riders have become ambassadors of hope for a country destined to rise from their past to a promising future. Additionally, in the fall of 2010, Greg joined forces with Zacuto Films in bts: a web series. "A Documentary About Making Documentaries," which follows Director T.C. Johnstone, Producer Greg Kwedar and their entire film crew to document this amazing journey in the making of their upcoming documentary "Rising From Ashes,” a film about Rwandan's first ever national cycling team. In this upcoming web series, you will get a behind the scenes look at the process of filmmaking, see the pain and commitment of the crew on location and find out what it really takes to put a film together. “This is not a reality show.” To watch the trailer, go to

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