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David Wexler, Cinematographer


David M.Wexler is nearly a twenty veteran of the entertainment industry, with over ten years acting solely as Cinematographer. Mr. Wexler has shot commercially for Pepsi, Ford, Proactiv, Southwest Airlines, AARP, South Beach Diet to name a few. Other clients include NatGeo, Discovery and History Channel.

Like many of his many of his colleagues he grew up shooting super-8 with his parents camera and eventually moving into 35mm still, and larger format work for creative pleasure. It was not until the end of undergraduate school when he decided to pursue a career in entertainment. Wexler's first jobs included working for ESPN, NFL Films Stadium and shooting for Fox Sports and News. Additionally, during this time he shot films on 16mm for Wesleyan University.

Needing to spread his wings, he decided to move to a larger market, but felt he was not ready to transition into Hollywood. He ended up in Dallas working the Mid-West Market as a Camera Assistant and eventually moved into the lighting side working his way up from Best-Boy to Gaffer on A-list commercials. Wexler was then accepted to the American Film Institute MFA Cinematography tract in 1999. At AFI David was lucky enough to start shooting with the first HD camcorders the Sony F-900, catching the HD bug, and working primarily in electronic capture. Wexler still loves to shoot film when the right opportunity arises though.

Selected Feature work include The Wind, Broken, Goy, The Privateer and the soon to be released Lenny Bruce Experiment. He continues to lens short projects for the festival circuit, work in television and has four soon to be released documentaries.

When David is not on a Cinematography assignment, he works at New York Film Academy (NYFA) teaching undergraduates Cinematography in 35 and16mm as well as electronic capture to students from all over the globe.

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