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Save up to 70% Summer Sale

Canon EOS C300 Support Accessories

Canon EOS C300 C300 Canon has just announced the release of their new EOS camera, the C300 and Zacuto is equipped with an array of new baseplates and C300 accessories months in the making ready to outfit this exciting new camera. The C300 Camera is the most recent member of the new class of super 35 digital video cameras. Canon will be releasing both PL and EF mount versions of the camera. Other internal features include 1080p/24/25/30 and 720p 60 formats, 8 bit 4:2:2 signal, uncompressed HD-SDI as well as HDMI and simultaneous viewing on all outputs and screens. Simultaneous viewing was one of the major drawbacks of the 5D Mark II. This camera is designed for filmmaking, corporate and event shooting. The C300 Camera looks amazing on the big screen. The C300 Camera’s physical characteristics are unlike any of its predecessors. It’s not a DSLR, it’s a video camera, but it’s built for making videos not photos. Some key features include:
  • Removable top handle
  • 4” removable, flippable and rotatable LCD monitor with 2 XLR audio inputs
  • HDMI output
  • HD-SDI output
  • Genlock
  • Time Code
  • Hot swappable Compact Flash Cards
  • SD card for photos
  • Headphone jack
  • Removable handgrip
Zacuto has designed two completely new baseplates specifically for the Canon C300. We will be offering both a Gorilla style baseplate and a studio style baseplate unlike any of our existing baseplates. The camera’s shape and footprint requires some major changes to existing baseplates to get the camera to a position to be able to use a follow focus and proper lens to rod height for standard sized matte boxes. This is especially true with short lenses that have the focus ring near the camera body and non-height adjustable matte boxes. The Gorilla style baseplate for the C300 features 60mm spaced rod holes in the front of the base plate that allows users to mount a follow focus or other accessories in front of the camera. It also uses our rod hole system on the side of the plate which allows you to mount an EVF or other accessories off the side.
Gorilla Baseplate
The studio style baseplate is very flat and features four sets of 60mm spaced holes, one on each side of the baseplate. This gives users a virtually unlimited amount of mounting options. You also have the option of turning the baseplate into a cage configuration, using the mounting holes on the side of the plate. When not using a cage configuration, the side holes can be used for an EVF, Zacuto articulating arms, rods and more. The rods on the studio baseplate are located near the very bottom of the camera. Because the Canon C300 is tall, the flatness of the studio baseplate helps to keep the center of gravity low for better control over the rig. It is also necessary so that the rods are at the industry standard distance from the center of the lens allowing matte boxes and follow focus units to fit. Plus, the camera has a 1” toe on the bottom of the camera which makes it difficult to get follow focus gears back near the camera body unless the follow focus is touching the toe. The follow focus needs to be able to flip the gear to the right side and reach back. The Zacuto follow focus can achieve this elegantly with our new C300 baseplate.
“This is a revolutionary design. It’s basically an upside down baseplate where the camera just sits on the rods,” says Zacuto Product Designer and Director, Steve Weiss. “We designed it this way for several reasons. First off, the lens height to the bottom of the camera is taller than normal and would require a rod riser and a second set of rods to achieve the proper height to accommodate standard matte boxes and follow focus units. The second reason is that it keeps a tall top heavy camera from getting any taller. Plus, we maintain our original design feature from baseplates that have rods that go all the way through underneath the camera. This makes it simple to adjust rod length for various sized lenses. It’s easy to slide the rods forward or back. No rod extensions are needed for lens changes." We currently have four kit recommendations for the Canon EOS C300 and of course, like all Zacuto rigs, you can configure your kit in many different ways to suit your needs. We have also developed a few accessories that will really make the rigging of this camera complete. Check them out below. Recoil for C100-C300-C500 The Recoil V2 for C100-C300-C500 cameras includes our Studio Baseplate and the Zacuto ENG Grip Relocator that positions the C100/300 removable grip at the rods for comfort and convenience. The Canon C100/300 removable grip attaches directly to our Relocator handle and our exclusive right angle cable connects to the port on your camera. We also offer a Lite version of this kit with the smaller Gorilla Baseplate and no relocator. Watch The Zacuto Recoil Lite Video c300 target shooter Canon C300 Target Shooter- The most basic rig for lightweight run & gun shooting stabilization. The Target Shooter rig features our new Canon C300 Gorilla Baseplate and a Zacuto gunstock. Simply brace the Gunstock against your shoulder to stabilize your shot. This kit has minimal set up time. You can also mount a follow focus and EVF. Check out more photos of the C300 Target Shooter in our photo gallery. c300 stinger Canon C300 Stinger- The Stinger rigs uses the studio style Canon C300 baseplate. This rig is best used for balanced shoulder mount operation for long shooting days. This system is an in-line rig with dual handgrips and a 7lb counterbalance weight. It is the perfect kit to add a Zacuto EVF to for monitoring. Check out more photos of the C300 Stinger in our photo gallery. recoil v2 Recoil V2 - The Recoil V2 is the ultimate balanced rig for the Canon C100/300/500. In the Recoil concept, the camera sits directly on your shoulder like a typical ENG camera. The Recoil V2 is super light and stripped down (if you are looking for something even more stripped down, check out the Recoil Lite V2). The Recoil V2 starts with our Studio Baseplate. recoil lite v2 Recoil Lite V2- This is a stripped down version of our larger, standard Recoil V2 rig. The Recoil Lite V2 is compatible with the Canon C100/300/500, RED Scarlet and Epic cameras. In this Recoil concept, the camera sits directly on your shoulder like a typical ENG Camera. The Recoil Lite starts with our Gorilla Baseplate, which attaches to the camera with 3/8” 16 and ¼” 20 screws. Other Accessories: zicro coldshoe Zicro Cold Shoe- The Zicro Cold Shoe allows users to mount the camera’s swivel LCD screen on any 15mm rod, Zacuto Zamerican arm or traditional articulating arm with a Zacuto Zud. C300 grip relocator  with right angle Handgrip Relocator- This camera accessory allows you to move Canon handgrip (included with the camera) from the side of the camera to a more comfortable position and articulate as traditional Zacuto handgrips do. The Handgrip Relocator works as a grip for maintaining the ability to control the camera’s start/stop function, exposure and menus from your right hand. Want more photos? Take a look through our photo gallery! *Also, take a look at the Canon C100! *Get more information on Canon C100, C300 & C500 Rigs and accessories
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