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Beyond the Frame: Season 1

Life of Loss

Season 1 focuses on the dramatic short film Life of Loss. In each Beyond the Frame episode, Tony takes us behind the scenes on a specific scene, discussing equipment (see the full gear list), casting using, directing, writing and more, and then walks us through a time lapse of the complete post production process.

Go Beyond the Frame with Tony

The idea for Beyond the Frame came from my own need for such a show. I often find myself searching online for accurate portrayals of filmmaking behind the scenes. The pickings are slim. It should be industry standard practice to provide not just a candid perspective people can learn from, but also an experience they can walk away from saying, "I know what it was like to be there making that on that day" - at least a little bit! My goal in creating Beyond the Frame was to offer that show to my community. When I would watch Top Gun or Ace Ventura growing up, and even today, I'd think to myself "I want to be there filming that!". Beyond the Frame is a show that aims to puts you there with us. Season 1 features behind the scenes production and post-production of the dramatic short film Life of Loss and is sponsored by Zacuto and EIZO. 95% of Life of Loss was shot on Sunday, May 15th, 2016 in Colton, Grand Terrace, and San Bernardino, California. grayline

Now watch the short

At first glance, Life of Loss is a story of a woman looking for her lost daughter. As it turns out, she is struggling with mental health issues and is looking for herself. The movie focuses on how her friends and family are effected by her projections and the realities of her condition. I was intrigued at the idea of showing a character people still had hope and love for walk an unraveling line through her previous life one more time. The highlight of Life of Loss for me was filming the scene between our lead character, played by Karen Strassman, and her frustrated friend, played by Thomas Ashworth. I plugged myself into a corner behind Karen's chair and setup to watch what I knew would be a career favorite scene for me. It didn't disappoint. filmmaking behind the scenes tony aaron zacuto At the end of a long day of filmmaking, a focused crew and two experienced actors patiently worked with me and gave me what I wanted. Genuinely good fun and personally fulfilling. The day played an interesting tune and we ended on our highest note. grayline

Season 1 Gear List

Production RED Epic Dragon 6K camera (filmed at 6K full frame) Canon 28/50/85mm lenses Zacuto Cine Recoil Rig Zacuto Gratical Eye Zacuto Z-Drive and Tornado Sound Devices 702 Recorder Audio-Technica AT4053b Microphone Mac Pro Editing Tower with GTX 980 Ti 6GB Graphics Card and 32GB RAM EIZO ColorEdge 31" 4K monitor EIZO ColorEdge 24" 4K monitor LG 60" 4K LED TV (reference monitor) Behind the Scenes Canon 5D Mark III Canon 70D Software Adobe Premiere (6K RAW, 4K timeline) DaVinci Resolve (6K RAW) Tony Aaron II - RED Dragon on set of Life of Loss #4

What's coming next?

My goals for this first season were twofold. 1) create a competent and quality short film 2) offer a window into the experience by documenting the process in an interesting and entertaining way I knew this 1st season wouldn't hit every point I'd like to discuss or cover every technique of filmmaking, but it's the start of my journey to attempt to do so. At the very least, it would be a worthwhile use of a month of my life! Season 2 of Beyond the Frame will feature the production of Solstice, an ambitious 4K, 10bit, 48 frames per second, sci-fi short film set on a blue planet with quality indie visual and practical effects. Like the innovations of adding sound and color to movies, 4K resolution, 10bit color, and increased frame rates are all beautiful and logical steps toward telling stories that convey the human experience. Humans don't see at 24 frames per second in 8-bit color. Pass or fail, we're going for it. grayline

Meet Tony and his team

Tony Aaron II - RED Epic Dragon Rig #1 Tony Aaron II 8 years ago I slept on Hollywood Blvd after having just arrived in Los Angeles. I went through the homeless system in LA (PATH) whilst beginning my career as a background actor and "Harassing a different department every day on set." I built my production company, Mystery Dinner Productions, with the single goal of creating a recognized independent film studio before I'm 35. Connect with Tony and Mystery Dinner Productions IMDb Tony on Twitter Tony on Facebook Mystery Dinner Productions MDP on Twitter MDP on Facebook
Carmen Cervantes - Co-Producer Cynthia Pantages-Loera - Make-Up Artist Kevin Bible - Sound Mixer Robert Forshay - "Behind the Scenes" Camera, Grip, Still Photographer Brandon Faber - 1st AC, "Behind the Scenes" Camera, Grip, Still Photographer John David Mitchell - Consultant Karen Strassman - Lead Actress - "Bobbi Smith" Michael Ashworth - Actor - “Michael Gambit” Christina Childress - Actress - “Angela Bass" George Harvey Dabling - Actor - “Papa Smith” Alyssa Rene - Actress - “Abigail Smith” Suzanne Dean - Actress - “Maggie Smith”

Behind the Scenes Photos


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