NEW 6K Panasonic S1H – Everything You Need to Know…

The team at Panasonic announced the Panasonic S1H DSLM camera today at CineGear2019, and you should be excited! This new Lumix S1H 6K small-body camera is ready to compete with the 6K big boys like the Canon C700 and Arri Alexa 65 but with a compact body type and a seriously affordable price point.

Hmmmm, maybe someone should do a 6K Camera Shootout and see how the Lumix S1H camera stacks up against the rest? What an interesting idea! 😉 (Watch this space…)

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panasonic s1h
Rumors have the S1H priced about $4000 opening up 6K possibilities to a massively expanded group of filmmakers. Only the new, untested Z Cam E2 can compete in that price range. But, until Z Cam can be proven a dependable brand, the main competitors to the Panasonic S1H are all at least 10x more expensive. Add in the small body size compared to some of those big, heavy, cinema cameras, and this is a big step forward.

Panasonic S1H Specs

Panasonic has released a handful of impressive specs all wrapped up in a tight DSLM bundle. What do you think of these specs? Do you think this camera could be a good fit for you? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Industry leading 14+ stops of vlog and vgamut
  • Varicam color science
  • Full frame, 3:2 aspect ratio 6K 24P
  • 16×9 5.9K @ 30p
  • Multi-aspect recording- 4:3 anamorphic
  • 4K recording up to 60p
  • Unlimited recording time

  • Beyond the Specs

    As always, the specs are only part of the story. We all want to know what this camera can help us achieve, right? Luckily, Panasonic teamed up with talented Director of Photography Alicia Robbins. Alicia’s credits include multiple projects with Shonda Rhimes including episodes of For the People and Grey’s Anatomy. Beyond her traditional DP credits, Alicia works as lead DP for the 360° plate company Driving Plates and specializes in 360° capture VFX elements. You can see her work in Creed II, Tag, and The Post.

    Alicia teased her collaboration with Panasonic in a recent Instagram post and will be live streaming a 2-minute clip with daytime interior and nighttime exterior shots on YouTube during the release.

    panasonic s1h aliciacamchick

    The Panasonic S1H and Zacuto

    The DSLM body-style has long been proven an excellent tool for many styles of filmmaking, from features to commercials and music videos to weddings. A DSLM is versatile and great for traveling and location filming.

    To help you create with confidence, we will be creating an S1H cage for “gorilla” run’n’gun style shooting. A cage is a fantastic tool for stability and accessory mounting. Plus, you can always trust Zacuto to build adaptable systems that turn run’n’gun pieces into full, shoulder-mounted rigs for long shooting days. Our Cages are easily and quickly convertible into shoulder-mounted rigs complete with adjustable, flip-up handgrips, a follow-focus, and a reliable, universal EVF.

    The S1H Cage will also be compatible with the Lumix S1 and will be released at a similar time to the camera (fall 2019,) and will join our current cage lineup for the Lumix GH5, Sony A7III, A7RIII, and A9, and the BlackMagic BMPCC 4K.
    zacuto camera cages


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    1. Tim Cochran on June 19th, 2019 6:05 pm

      One of the topics that could be of interest to people is regarding NetFlix “Approved” Cameras. The BM4K would seem to meet their requirements, but to my knowledge has not been added…

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