Gripper Series Batteries

The world’s first clip on battery system

The Gripper Series are the first range of batteries specifically designed for use on today’s professional rigs. Unlike a traditional V Mount battery, the Gripper clips directly onto 15mm rods without the need for any additional brackets or clamps to mount the battery. With a 3stud/gold mount battery or V Mount battery you need battery plates, cheese plates, and extra accessories. With Gripper batteries, all you need is a little space on your rods! Power your camera, accessories, EVF, and more.

The Gripper does away with cumbersome V Mount battery plates, allowing you to mount the low profile system directly to optional 15mm rods out the rear of the VCT Baseplate, or on any 15mm lightweight spaced rods. These batteries are the perfect accessory for your Zacuto Next Generation Recoil Rig – particularly if you’re a Gratical Eye SDI EVF user. The Gratical Eye has a 2-pin Lemo for power and requires external batteries. The Gripper Series 75Wh battery will power your Gratical Eye for 14 hours!

Gripper Series Batteries are manufactured in the UK by Hawk-Woods LTD and distributed worldwide thru Zacuto. Available direct and at your local Zacuto dealer.


What you want to know

  • Clips onto 15mm lightweight spaced rods
  • 75Wh ($260) & 100Wh ($290) battery options
  • Single fast charger ($90), charges 75Wh in 3 hours
  • 2 position charger coming soon
  • Each battery has two P-Taps
  • Optional accessory with 4 additional P-Taps attaches to rods
  • LED battery gauge shows the remaining capacity of the battery
  • Add 2 M/F rods to your Zacuto VCT Baseplate to mount the Gripper
  • Half the weight and price of traditional rod mounted V Mount battery set-ups
  • Power your Gratical Eye and camera!

(Pictured: Canon C300 Mark II with Next Gen Recoil, Gratical Eye, and Gripper battery.)


Gripper Series Batteries FAQ

What do I need to get started with a Gripper battery system?
1 battery and 1 charger. That’s it! No extra clamps, plates, or brackets are needed.

How durable are Gripper batteries?
Gripper batteries were designed using high impact ABS casing, fitted with premium Lithium-Ion cells, which in turn are backed up by the latest in protection systems to guarantee a long and reliable performance over many years.

I’m looking for a DSLR external camera battery. Are these a good battery for DSLR users?
Absolutely! It costs significantly less to adopt this system over a V Mount battery system. 1 battery and 1 charger and you’re ready to go! Counterbalance can be very important for shoulder mounted DSLR rigs in order to create a balanced set up . These clip on at any point along your rods to set counterbalance in the right spot. Gripper batteries are an excellent choice for a DSLR external camera battery.

Can I take my Gripper battery on an airplane?
Yes! Each battery has been UN tested for safe airlines and is suitable for transportation on passenger aircraft as carry-on luggage.