Great Filmmaking Collaborations and Why We Need to Work Together

By Derek Lamoureux

Collaboration in film and business is the name of the game. Gone are the days of one person trying to do it all. No one person can be great at everything. A team of people where everyone has their strengths is much more advantageous.

We often see filmmaking collaborations on the big screen and may not even realize it. When a feature film comes together, it isn’t just one person or one company doing everything. There is a collaboration of people coming together to create something amazing. It’s the collaboration of the team that enables a film to be successful.

Let’s take a look at some examples of great filmmaking collaborations.

Filmmaking Collaborations

The Coen Brothers

Brothers Joel and Ethan Coen share their love and talents for film by collaborating on practically every single film. Beyond their shared screenwriting expertise, they each focus on their strong suit, for Joel that’s directing and for Ethan it’s producing. The two also often collaborate with a “cohort” of actors who have appeared in many of their films. Steve Buscemi has been in 6 Coen films, Frances McDormand (Joel’s wife) in 5, John Goodman 4 times, and the list goes on.

filmmaking collaborations joel ethan coen


The official collaboration of Disney and Pixar in 1995 (Disney purchased Pixar from Lucasfilm-ILM in 2006) is arguably one of the greatest large-scale filmmaking collaborations to date. Beyond 8 Oscars and over $10billion in revenue, it’s easy to see the results of in-sync collaboration in animation. Storyline supports the animation brought to life by voice actors. One thing is off and it all falls down. Just think of the hundreds of artists who come together to create one animated vision. It’s incredible!

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Baz and Catherine

If your favorite parts of Baz Luhrmanns films are the intricate costumes, lush sets, and sweeping production design then you’re a fan of his very talented, Academy award-winning wife, Catherine Martin. The two met in college at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney. They’ve worked together (Baz as writer/director and Catherine as producer/production designer) on Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge! , and The Great Gatsby.

filmmaking collaborations catherine martin

Industrial Light & Magic

San Francisco, Singapore, Vancouver, and London – the four global hubs of ILM. And as usual, they say it best themselves…”Knowledge and culture flow freely between the company’s four global studios, and ILM shares tools and workflow with the other studios allowing for seamless collaboration on all shared projects.” Basically, Star Wars is not an island!

How I Found My Team

My filmmaking collaboration moment happened to me almost two years ago when I met Rene Defayette (Motion Cinematics) and Bryan Bakker (BizBio). Two years ago the three of us were complete strangers, each of us running our own independent video production businesses. Then one day a project brought the three of us together.

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Derek, Bryan, and Rene

We three people, with very different areas of expertise, were brought together to collaborate. From then on, our businesses changed immensely. Our shared knowledge, experiences, and strengths allowed us to continue to grow our businesses together and independently. Instead of viewing each other as competition, we now see each other as colleagues and friends. We are now a well-known team that brings creativity and a fun work environment to every set. As a result we create an outstanding product and develop great relationships with our clients.

We’re often asked…what is the most important element of our collaboration?

We all agree. Trust.

Trust is crucial. We must be able to trust each other talking to and generally being around each others clients and on each others sets. We treat every client as if it were our own. It is in all our best interests to work together as well as possible. That means excellent communication and an open work environment.

So, seek out other people and come together to better yourselves and your business! It worked for us, and I am convinced it will work for you.

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Derek Lamoureux is a Canadian director and cinematographer. He’s primarily working through his own agency, LC Productions, but often times finds himself freelancing all over North America. Derek has worked on national commercial campaigns with his work displayed on every medium. Derek also has a personal brand, @derek_lamoureux where he shares behind the scenes and tutorials through his Instagram and YouTube channels. Currently, Derek is the executive Producer and Director of the hockey documentary: Road to the Show.


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