Gratical & Kameleon Registration

Activate and register your Zacuto EVF

  • Thank you for purchasing your Gratical or Kameleon EVF. Before you go out and shoot, we need you to activate and register your EVF. Please fill out the form below to start the activation and registration process.

    *If you purchased the Gratical X from with features, there is no need to activate your Gratical. You are ready to go!*

    If you have a Gratical X, once you hit submit, you will be able to purchase software features and a file to activate your Gratical X will be sent to your email within one hour. If you choose to purchase software features, you will receive an email within 24 hours, Monday-Friday only, with your download file to upload to your Gratical X.

    If you have a Gratical HD, Eye, or Kameleon, please register your product below for added benefits such as product updates and notifications, proof of ownership and ease of warranty repairs.
  • Serial number can be found underneath the battery.